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The first vehicle to be featured in our range in the modern Western National colours, this is a well requested addition to the VR family. VDV 141S, fleet number 941, is on route 84 to Tavistock.
22503 Alexander Y Type WESTERN SMT
22503 Alexander Y Type WESTERN SMT
Displaying the "Western" fleet name proudly on its sides, this black and white example from this famous fleet, KCS 173F, is on the number 6 service to Glasgow. Points to note are the Leyland Leopard badge and the complex fleet number system employed by Western which showed the age and garage the vehicle belonged to.
16519 Leyland Atlantean SCOUT
16519 Leyland Atlantean SCOUT.
Perhaps one of the most requested models ever, this Leyland Atlantean in Scout livery, depicts the vehicle as it was just before the Ribble take over of this famous Northern company. OCK 500, is on route 154 to Burnley. Carrying adverts for Philips Lamps and Thom's soap, this model partners the PD1 released earlier in the year.
20704 AEC Regal Windover S.U.T
20704 AEC Regal Windover S.U.T.
The ideal partner to our earlier OB, this attractive Windover AEC, KWA 724, S184, deserves special mention, as it took part in the First International Coach Rally at Montreux in 1949, taking home the title "Outright Winner"! It is for this trip that we have modelled the vehicle, complete with GB plate at the rear and destination blind reading Switzerland.
16007DL Leyland PD2 Lowbridge NORTH WESTERN
16007DL Leyland PD2 Lowbridge NORTH WESTERN.
This month's De-Luxe model is the ever popular Leyland PD2 in North Western livery CDB 224, fleet number 224, is now on route X9 to Oldham and displays a new advert for Crown wallpapers and Red Rose Stout. As with all new De-Luxes, 16007DL carries a certificate of authenticity, identifying how limited the production run on these models is.
20611 Plaxton Pointer / Dart METROBUS
20611 Plaxton Pointer / Dart METROBUS
In the dark blue and yellow livery of Metrobus, this Pointer is sure to be popular with all collectors. Based around the South London area, this example displays the designated route livery of 358, in this case heading to Orpington. L720 OMV, also displays the 'London Transport Service' sign in its front window.
22901 Bedford TK '20 Box Van SOUTHERN BRS
22901 Bedford TK '20 Box Van SOUTHERN BRS.
The first example of our new series of shorter chassis' for our commercial range, this TK is presented in the bright orange and white adopted by Southern BRS when the company was divided in 1969. VBY 354M can be seen carrying the then new BRS logo on its cab doors.
23101 Leyland Ergo 4 Axle Flatbed WOODCOCK
23101 Leyland Ergo 4 Axle Flatbed WOODCOCK.
This rare chassis configuration is seen here in the two-tone grsen livery of Woodcock of Ampthill. Carrying a brick load, SCT 717J is yet another accurate model of the Ergomatic cab by Exclusive First Editions.