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Eastern National Merc

24801 Mercedes Minibus EASTERN NATIONAL
Exclusive First Editions are proud to present the Reeve-Burgess bodied Mercedes Benz Minibus in Eastern National livery. Our first model to feature a foreign chassis manufacturer, this vehicle is typical of the type of small bus which helped to spearhead De-Regulation. H601 OVW, fleet number 601 is depicted on route 21 to Deanery Gardens.
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Federation Ergo Flat

21604 Ergo 2 Axle Flatbed FEDERATION BREWERY
The stunning detail which is now achieved on Exclusive First Editions models is graphically illustrated here, the barrel load and retaining chains proving our commitment to accurate and authentic models. This AEC Mercury, RVF 50F, fleet number 25, yet again proved the Brewery Series to be the "Collector's Choice".
Halifax BET Weymann

The BET bus is seen here in the green, orange and cream livery of Halifax Corporation. This Alexander bodied ex-Hebble vehicle arrived prior to the formation of the "Calderdale Joint Committee" in 1971 and so only carries the Halifax ribbon. PCP 804, fleet number 124, is en route to Norton Tower.
Devon General PDR Manchester

24702 Manchester MCW Atlantean DEVON GENERAL
The second release of our new style Atlantean is in the popular livery of Devon General. NDV 537G, fleet number 537, is on route 55 to St. Marychurch and displays adverts for Pollard's Ice Cream and local tourist attraction Aqualand.
Southern National VR opentop

18501 Bristol VR Open Top SOUTHERN NATIONAL
This striking blue and yellow livery reflects the summer duties of the Southern Belle service run by Southern National. Advertising the service itself and local tourist attraction "Monkey World", ATA 559L, fleet number 559, is on route 501 to Portland Bill and is sure to brighten anyone's collection.
Wilts & Dorset DP LS DL

16312DL Bristol LS WILTS & DORSET
This Bristol LS in dual-purpose livery makes an attractive addition to the Wilts & Dorset fleet. This De-Luxe model JAM 304, fleet number 525, is on route 107 to Basingstoke and comes with a numbered certificate.

15623 AEC Routemaster LONDON TRANSPORT
This London Buses Limited Routemaster carries the red and yellow roundel, seen for the first time on an Exclusive First Editions RM. Part of the London General fleet, one of eleven operating units established in 1988, VLT 277, RM277 is on route 11 to Victoria, and carries adverts for ticket inspection.
West Bromwich CVG6
19808 Daimler CVG6 WEST BROMWICH
This distinctive and detailed livery is featured this month after numerous requests. On route 54 to West Bromwich, PEA 195, fleet number 195, benefits from delicate and detailed application of the livery's lining, pioneered by Exclusive First Editions in response to collector's demands.