Caramar Bus Lines

Caramar Bus Lines
Caramar Bus Lines depot
A visit to Caramar Bus Lines in March 2014 found most of the operational fleet nose in at the depot shed. Several minibuses of varying sizes can be seen. Secondhand full sized vehicles favoured Mercedes, but recent new purchases have been King Long integrals and one on a MAN 18.290. The rear of a King Long can be seen.
Picture ref A1959
Caramar Mercedes OH1316 Ansair WNS207
A trio of Ryan Brothers' older Mercedes OH1316 with Ansair bodies ended up with Caramar in Millicent. Sadly they had reached the end of the road there by March 2014 and were up for sale, $6500 seemed to be the going rate. This is former Ryan 19 (CSQ073), rego WNS207 in SA.
Picture ref A1957
Caramar Mercedes OH1316 Ansair WRB374
Next up is Ryan 21 (CVL433), SA rego WBR374.
Picture ref A1956
Caramar Mercedes OH1316 Ansair WRJ813
Finally we have former 18 now WRJ813. All three were laid up at the company's Millicent premises.
Picture ref A1958
Caramar Mercedes OH1418 Custom WZH643
A member of the active fleet was this 1998 Custom bodied Mercedes OH1418, WZH643, acquired from Noak in Goulborn, NSW, where it was MO4293.
Picture ref A1960
Caramar Bus Lines