Stewart & Sons of Bundaberg

Stewart & Sons, Bundaberg

Stewart & Sons MAN SL200 6 (907JZC) is seen at their Bundaberg depot in August 2009. The former Brisbane Council 961 (961HKH) has had its Denning body modified with the removal of the centre doors for its new job as a school bus.

Two other school buses, unfortunately nose in at the depot, were a pair of the ubiquitous ex Tokyo Expo Volvo B10ML artics with Fuji bodies. On the left is 2 (249EVG) formerly Brisbane Council 397 (397PNK), and on the right 10 (077GNR) which came via Cardwell of Numurkah in Victoria.

Typical of the coach fleet in 2009 was Coach Design Apparition bodied 17 (722DBP), an MAN 22.360.

Nosing into the sheds is MAN 18.280 8 (292JPF) with NCBC Protege body.

A shame that all the buses are nose in to the sheds as this is an interesting selection. Starting on the left we have 4 (903HFO), a Hino RG230 with Autobus body. Then we have 3 (306KJV), an MAN 18.280 with Custom SB400 body. The most interesting though is next, 12 (677PID), an MAN SR280 with a 49 seat coach body built by Stewart & Sons themselves.
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