Creative Master Northcord (CMNL) has produced a wide range of models featuring buses from the UK, Hong Kong, China, the USA and a growing range of Australian models. Sydney Bus Museum's on-line shop,, is a good source of models. or check out TTC Diecast in the UK.

Model AU0 series

The AU0 series are models which are not 100% accurate
Sydney Buses Mercedes O405NH Custom Coaches
AUBUS0001 Sydney Buses Mercedes O405NH Custom Coaches. By subtle modification of their Citaro casting CMNL has replicated the first model of a modern Australian Bus, Sydney 1275 (MO1275) on route 380 to Bondi Junction.

Model AU1 series

CMNL ACTION Canberra Scania Custom
AUBUS1001 CMNL ACTION Canberra Scania Custom. Following the successful reception of the Sydney Mercedes AU0001, CMNL invested in a new casting to represent the Custom body found widely across the country. This model has a working cycle rack, complete with bikes.
Creative Master Sydney Buses Volvo B12BLE Custom CB60
AUBUS1002 Creative Master Sydney Buses Volvo B12BLE Custom CB60. A second Sydney Buses model followed of 4805 (MO4805) on route 438 to the City.
Creative Master Adelaide Scania Custom
AUBUS1003 Creative Master Adelaide Scania Custom. Options on the casting enabled the Adelaide Metro standard Custom body to be replicated. 3D Animated Flags Courtesy of