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24302 B.E.T Style Bus. MACBRAYNES

24302 B.E.T Style Bus. MACBRAYNES.
For many enthusiasts the Macbraynes livery is synonymous with the highlands and its green, red and white livery has been much requested since our Bedford Vega. Depicted en route to Inverness, this vehicle, with an AEC chassis, XGD 775, fleet number 41 carries the "Royal Route" emblem on its sides.
Brewery series logo
23401 Bedford TK Flatebed Whitbread

23401 Bedford TK Flatebed Whitbread.
With a new realistic load of crated bottles, this Bedford TK, PTP 180J, fleet number B2763, gives another detailed character to the Brewery Series. Displaying the Whitbread name on its headboard, sides and rear, this model will be a popular truck with its highly detailed features.
17205 Leyland National MIDLAND RED

17205 Leyland National MIDLAND RED
The third NBC Midland Red bus released this year, GOL 414N, fleet number 414, carries the "Lancer" fleet name on its roof. On route X12 to Ashby, this makes an attractive addition to the existing Midland Red model fleet shown here.
18203 MCW Daimler Fleetline BLUE ARROW

18203 MCW Daimler Fleetline BLUE ARROW.
Operated by London Country, this Fleetline was one of three decorated especially for this service in the silver and blue livery. CUV 57C, fleet number XF7, is on route A1 to Chells and Industrial Area. A curiosity in the London Country fleet, this model is a must for London Transport fans wishing to expand their collection.
23502 Alexander Atlantean BOURNEMOUTH

23502 Alexander Atlantean BOURNEMOUTH.
In the distinctive yellow and dark red, this Atlantean is one of a number of Atlanteans and Fleetlines operated by the company, many still working today. Depicted in pre-deregulation style, ORU 130G, fleet number 230, is on route 1 to Somerford. An interesting feature is the split destination blinds on the nearside of the vehicle.

The success of the OB coach is mirrored by the Exclusive First Editions model, which continues to attract a great deal of interest. The accuracy of the casting is shown to good effect in this green and cream livery of Western National who purchased twenty-seven of these vehicles in 1949. HOD 44, fleet number 555, is seen en route to Newquay.
Grocery series
22905 Bedford TK Box. BIRDS EYE.

22905 Bedford TK Box. BIRDS EYE.
Our first box van feature the new refrigerator unit, ANK 418N, is a beautiful reproduction of one of Birds Eye's fleet, sure to entice many collectors to pursue the number of attractive vehicles in the Grocery Series.
22703 Alexander Y-Type ROAD CAR
22703 Alexander Y-Type ROAD CAR.
Lincolnshire Road Car's livery once again demonstrates the effective use of modern liveries on older style vehicles. TSJ 58S, fleet number 1444, is on route 51 to Louth allowing a Y-Type to appear in the De-Regulation range.