December 1997 header
Venture Albion Aberdonian Willowbrook BET
24304 VENTURE Albion Aberdonian Willowbrook BET style bus.
Featuring the ornate chrome design on the front panel, 203 (167BUP) is on route 55 to Rockwood Gardens
King Alfred Leyland Titan PD2
16113 KING ALFRED Leyland Titan PD2 Highbridge.
The King Alfred fleet served the Winchester area for more than fifty years being unusual in that it was a privately owned company which effectively ran a municipal service. This is HAA809 on route 11 to Winchester, displaying adverts for Marston's Ale and Vernon's Pools.
Newcastle Leyland Atlantean Weymann
24501 NEWCASTLE Leyland Atlantean Weymann.
Displaying a new style front panel, the unique Newcastle livery is seen here on 49 (ABB49B), complimented by adverts for local beers. The famous Newcastle Ales and McEwan's Export adverts being applied directly onto the body sides. It is on route 47 to Central Station.
London Transport AEC Park Royal Routemaster
15622 LONDON TRANSPORT AEC Routemaster Park Royal.
Typifying the last of London Transport's standard in service Routemasters in the beginning of the 'eighties, RM1336 (336CLT) is on route 176 to Forest Hill, its garage plates WL137 marking it as a Walworth vehicle. The Routemaster has the circle and bar emblem on its sides.
Highland Ford R1114 Alexander Y type
22704 HIGHLAND Ford R1114 Alexander Y-Type.
As perhaps is appropriate, Scottish companies always decorate their Y-Types in very attractive liveries. The popular Hiqhland Omnibus Company was no exception with this stunning red and peacock blue combination. With the Highland eagle motif on its sides, T103 (HST203N) is on route 51 to Kyleakin.
Portsmouth Leyland Atlantean Metro Cammell
16516DL PORTSMOUTH Leyland Atlantean Metro Cammell
The popular Portsmouth fleet is again the focus of our De-Luxe range this month. 227 (227CRV), is on route 3 from Cosham to South Parade Pier, displaying new adverts for Guernsey Toms and a local DIY merchant.
Grocery series
Bedford TK - Wagon Wheels
22906 WAGON WHEELS Bedford TK.
Another striking and detailed livery release for the Grocery Series, this Bedford TK adds another famous brand name to the range. Points to note are the detailed printing of the wagon and horses on the sides which really helps to bring this model alive, 619 (HTX680N).
Rider York Leyland National 2
14901 YORK CITY RIDER Leyland National 2 10.6m.
This Leyland National 2 short single door variation as used by York City Rider, 1314 (LUA314V), is on route 8A to Heslington. A point to note is that this National is devoid of the characteristic roof pod.