APRIL 2022 Release

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Northcord Models
Alexander Dennis Enviro400MMC in dealer white
UKBUS0066 ADL Enviro400MMC Single Door in dealer white.
Stagecoach London Alexander Dennis Enviro400MMC
UKBUS6528 ADL Enviro400MMC Dual Door Stagecoach London 11035 (SN18KUB) 10.3 metre new in 2018 with Euro6 smart hybrid driveline, together with an innovative high resolution LED destination display. The model carries the roof fleet number SCG 11035.

This bus is based at Stagecoach London's West Ham Garage where it operates on busy route 474 which runs between Canning Town and Manor Park. Most buses running on the streets of London have the traditional roller blinds. With the popularity of electronic destination blinds in other cities all over England, Scotland and Wales, London buses have been keeping the roller blinds until the introduction of high resolution LED signs produced by Hanover. With the significantly increased number of LEDs on the new signs, the text displayed appears as continuous screen printing, rather than as a dot matrix. The integrity of the chosen font is maintained and, even in poor weather conditions such as heavy rain, or in bright sunshine, the legibility of the sign remains excellent. The special, comprehensive high resolution LED destination blind is 100% reproduced onto this model. This Alexander Dennis Enviro400HMMC is a one-piece casting whose clean lines accentuate the square-cornered, patented quick-release windows of the real bus and the livery application on which all logos and lettering are clearly legible. Another main feature on the model is its individual tree protector at the front. The front dome on the model is significant, with curved windscreens on both upper deck and lower deck. Northcord is also creating new design standards within the interior of both saloons. These features, inside the compartments, will represent the real, outstanding layout of the Enviro400HMMC, such as the extensive portrayal of handrails on upper deck and lower deck, etc. Further additional detail carried by the model include the special sunlight protection shade on the top of the front upper windscreen.