June 2013 Releases

Trux Trax
Northcord Model Company
Original Omnibus Company
Oxford Diecast
AEC Routemaster FRM1 on route 284 at Potters Bar
TTC RS76607 FRM1, London Transport, Front entrance, Rear engine AEC Routemaster on route 284 to Potters Bar. Registration KGY4D. Destination - Potter Bar Station.
AEC Routemaster FRM1 SHOWBUS 2011 destination, plain sides
TTC FRM1SBDB London Transport FRM1, Front entrance, Rear engine AEC Routemaster. Showbus version with no adverts. Registration KGY4D, destination - 2011 SHOWBUS, Duxford.
Stradbroke Island Holidays AEC Regent
TX6J The AEC Regent - having fun in the sun!
The AEC Regent was the most popular doubledecker bus in NSW, but some did find their way north of the border. Holiday makers visiting the Gold Coast from 1974 to 1979 will recall these vibrant ex-government doubledecker buses making regular pick up services between the resorts and hotels to the Stradbroke Island ferry terminal. For many tourists, just riding on these eye-catching workhouses was an adventure in itself. This latest doubledecker is the first Trux AEC Regent to appear with all-over livery. Get a taste of the sunshine today with this amazing release of the Stradbroke Holiday Services bus. It's bound to stand out in your collection!
Leyland Royal Tiger Coach - Southdown
OXFORD 76LRT002 Leyland Royal Tiger Coach - Southdown
SBS Volvo Olympians Alexander Royale
Northcord UKBUS0039, UKBUS0040, UKBUS0041 Alexander Royale-bodied Volvo Olympian SBS Transit
Following the significant success in launching the new casting of the Alexander Royale-bodied Volvo Olympian model in the livery of Lothian Buses in 2005 by Creative Master Northcord Limited, Northcord Model Company has picked up this tooling from the former joint-venture company and is proud to release the latest products based on the Singapore non-air-conditioned bus.
These are launched as UKBUS0039, 0040 and 0041. The models feature Volvo Olympians working on route 93, 182M and 257 which are among the last services with non-air-conditioned buses in Singapore.
The Volvo Olympian is the last non-air-conditioned double-decker bus serving in Singapore. After the Swedish company relocated the Olympian assembly line to Irvine in Scotland from the north of England in 1993, this effectively removed the Leyland name and allowed Volvo to supply more parts to the improved Volvo Olympian chassis.
When Volvo was moving house, Singapore Bus Service (SBS) was still taking delivery of Leyland Olympian 12-metre 3-axle air-conditioned buses from the Workington plant. The firm orders for the new Volvos had to wait therefore until 1994-1995. These 100 units of 2-axle Volvo Olympian buses were commissioned in 1994-1995. The 2-axle buses were not air-conditioned. The front, however, adopted the air-conditioned Leyland Super Buses design, minus the words. The rest of the body was the same as for the Alexander R-type bodies. The bus measured 10.5 metres indicating that the Volvo chassis from the Irvine plant still retained the Leyland design.
On top of that, there were no more Leyland engines to choose from. The 2 and 3-axle ones were all fitted with Volvo TD102KF 9.6 litre turbo-charged engines. For the transmission, SBS chose the Voith DIWA D852.1 full-automatic gearbox. More so, the 100 2-axle Volvo Olympian buses were the last non-air-conditioned double-deck buses in the Singapore fleet. In due course, all the double-decker fleet will be fully air-conditioned.
The replicas feature excellent detailing, inside and out, such as realistic-looking handpoles and handrails. The Volvo Olympian model is a one-piece casting whose clean lines accentuate the gasket windows and livery application on which all letterings are clearly legible. The round headlight and rectangular sidelight / indicator units at the front are made of individual components to look more realistic.
Each model is based on a Limited Edition of only 360 pieces produced.
Grampian Daimler CVG6 Roe
OOC OM41412A Grampian Daimler CVG6 Roe 4 Hazelhead
OOC OM41412B Grampian Daimler CVG6 Roe 14 Sea Beach
East Yorkshire Daimler Fleetline Park Royal
EFE 18102 East Yorkshire Daimler Fleetline Park Royal
Daimler Fleetline DMS Bexleybus
EFE 28010 Daimler Fleetline DMS Bexleybus again (28007 illustrated)
London Country AEC Routemaster RCL
EFE 32004 AEC Routemaster RCL London Country bus livery
Southern National Bristol RELH ECW NBC DP
EFE 32306 Bristol RELH Coach Southern National NBC DP
First London AEC Routemaster RMC1510
EFE 33105 Open Top AEC RMC Routemaster First (Routemaster 50th Anniversary) - RMC1510 again!
Eastern Counties Bristol VRTSL6G
EFE 38108 Eastern Counties Bristol VRTSL6G ECW