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IMPORTANT NOTICE: THE INTRODUCTION OF TWO EXCITING NEW SERIES FOR THE DEDICATED COLLECTOR. The GROCERY SERIES and BREWERY SERIES are easily identifiable by their brightly coloured customised packaging, cream for the Grocery and green for the Brewery Series. Each series features approximately 15 models recreating authentic vehicles as used by companies in the brewing and grocery trades. The models will be produced in very restricted quantities, so be sure to place your orders early to avoid the disappointment of missing out.

Towards the end of the RF's life, some vehicles were re-decorated and placed in service on the 218 or 219 route. One such vehicle is depicted here, RF520, MLL 938, is seen carrying the circle and bar motif on its sides making this a historically significant model of the RF type.
Grocery series
22904 Bedford TK Short. Box GOLDENLAY

22904 Bedford TK Short. Box GOLDENLAY.
Adding yet another famous name to our Grocery Series, this Bedford TK, TYG 102L, shows the Goldenlay Egg's logo and unique roller door on its sides. This attractive and individual vehicle emphasises the universal roles that the Bedford truck was employed in and will make a cracking addition to any collection.
23801 Alexander Atlantean GLASGOW.

23801 Alexander Atlantean GLASGOW.
A new style of Alexander body on the Leyland Atlantean chassis, appears this month in the hugely requested livery of Glasgow City Transport. The distinctive green, orange and cream livery is causing great interest and an early order is recommended to all collectors. SGD 684, fleet number LA104, is on route 60 to Maryhill and displays adverts for Crown Wallpapers and The Scotsman Newspaper.

Introducing a further De-Luxe model, this time in the red and cream livery of York City & District, transferred from the West Yorkshire fleet and to be sold with a numbered certificate to show the limited run of these models. On route 12A to Ashley Park and carrying new adverts for Littlewoods Pools, this VR II will add another Yorkshire fleet to our range.
20616 Pointer / Dart DOCKLANDS TRANSIT

20616 Pointer / Dart DOCKLANDS TRANSIT.
Docklands Transit have modified the traditional red London Transport livery with attractive striping in white and blue. This departure from the strict one colour red is now popular practice for many De-Regulated companies in the capital. N426 MBW fleet number 426, is on route 106 to Whitechapel.
13911 Bristol FLF Lodekka CROSVILLE

13911 Bristol FLF Lodekka CROSVILLE.
This Bristol Lodekka is sure to please all those dedicated fans of the Welsh vehicles in our range. The Crosville fleet expands by one more model this month with SFM 258F, fleet number DFG 258, depicted on route H2 to Warrington.
23602 Bedford TK Luton PICKFORDS

23602 Bedford TK Luton PICKFORDS.
The second release of the Luton bodied TK carries one of the most famous and most requested names in British road haulage history. Pickfords were avid users of the TK in many forms, this version being one of the most common for removals and storage transport work. We cannot emphasise enough the popularity this model will generate, it must be one of the nicest 1:76 model trucks ever produced. In the later livery, NYY 402Y, fleet number M2789, was one of the last TK's made and we encourage an early order to avoid disappointment.
22506 Alexander Y Type MIDLAND RED.
22506 Alexander Y Type MIDLAND RED.
The first of our forthcoming Midland Red vehicles, this Y Type, XNX 136H, fleet number 2036, is on route X92 to Hereford via Ludlow. Decorated in the NBC livery and carrying the Hotspur fleetname, this vehicle is to be the first of many attractive vehicles in this famous fleet.