New truck castings 2004

These prototype models illustrate new tooling that is underway for the period up to October 2004. All the models are resin samples that represent just a few of the model variations that can be produced.
AEC Mk V Artic Box Van.
AEC Mk V Dropside
AEC Mk V Flatbed.
AEC Mk V Artic Tanker
ERF KV Box Van.
ERF KV Dropside.
ERF KV Flatbed.
ERF KV Tanker.
Foden S24 Tanker.
Foden S24 Artic Flatbed.
Foden S24 Dropside.
Foden S24 Box Van.
Foden S24 Tipper.
Thames Trader Luton Box Van.
Thames Trader Box Van.
Thames Trader Artic Flatbed.
Thames Trader Dropside.
Thames Trader Flatbed.