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Nottingham Pathfinder
Pathfinder Peugeot Talbot Lorider 27
Minibus operator Pathfinder was an early product of deregulation and operated services into Nottingham. The Nottingham City fleet took over the company which owned this unusual minibus a Peugeot Talbot Lorider new as 27 (P108WJO) and seen in the city in 2000.
Pathfinder Optare Solo 252
Nottingham bought Optare Solos for the Pathfinder fleet like 252 (V252JRR).
Pathfinder Mercedes O814D Plaxton Beaver 2 2
More typical of the Pathfinder fleet at takeover was this Mercedes Vario O814D 2 (R990VUA) with Plaxton Beaver 2 body seen on Pathfinder route 100.
City of Nottingham Transport Pathfinder Optare Versa 307
By 2010 Pathfinder was still to be found, but more as a route branding on the main Nottingham Network livery as seen here on Optare Versa 307 (YK08EPA) alsoseen on the 100.
Nottingham Scania N270UD East Lancs 945 Pathfinder
The Pathfinder brand did not completely fade away, in this July 2018 shot of East Lancs bodied Scania N270UD 945 (YN08MSO) the name lives on with its own dark red relief colour for service 100.
Picture ref C1369
Nottingham Pathfinder
Nottingham Pathfinder