Midlands Metro

Midlands Metro
Midlands Metro AnsaldoBreda T-69 tram under bridge
This AnsaldoBreda T-69 tram is crossing a futuristic bridge at the approach to the Wolverhampton Terminus. The bridge spans a pedestrian subway in the centre of a traffic roundabout. The roundabout is controlled by traffic lights, enabling the trams to cut diametrically across. Thhe picture was taken in late 2002, the line having opened in 1999.
Midlands Metro AnsaldoBreda T-69 tram departing Wolverhampton
The tram makes an impressive sight as it leaves Wolverhampton, and so it should with a cost of around £1,000,000 per tram - and that doesn't include the track!
Midlands Metro AnsaldoBreda T-69 tram 02
AnsaldoBreda T-69 car 02.
Midlands Metro AnsaldoBreda T-69 tram in Wolverhampton Station
The Wolverhampton Terminus.
West Midlands Metro CAF Urbos 3 34
Forward nearly twenty years to July 2021 and new CAF Urbos trams have taken over the route replacing the AnsaldoBreda T-69 trams in 2015. Sixteen years is a relatively short life for a tram, many buses last longer in service. CAR Urbos 3 car 34 is seen at the Wolverhampton terminus.
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Midlands Metro