This information is historic and no longer uptodate


Unit 14, Sedgwick Road, LUTON. LU4 9DT
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Lutonian was the trading name of an off the shelf company called Lunar Module! It started operating minibus services in Luton in competition with Luton & District. L&D were taken over by British Bus and later Arriva who also acquired Lutonian. The regulatory authorities did not approve the take over as it was contrary to the competition laws and Arriva were forced to sell it.

Lutonian was acquired by a trio of partners consisting of Tony Lawrence, who had been managing Lutonian on behalf of Arriva, Chris Day, partner in Red Rose Travel of Aylesbury and Julian Peddle, the major shareholder and owner of neighbouring MK Metro, acquired in similar circumstances from Stagecoach. While Julian has interests in many companies around the country which were members of the Status Group, Lutonian was not a member of that group. In 2002 Julian sold his share of the company to Chris but remained a director of Lutonian. Ultimately the company was sold to Centrebus, in which Julian has interests.

In addition to its traditional Luton town services, the company started to branch out into tendered work - initially for Hertfordshire County Council. Some journeys have already been transferred from some of Red Rose's contracts, but from April 2001 there was a major advance with St Alban's and Harpenden town services and a Luton - Stevenage tendered route. A fleet of low floor Plaxton MPD Darts arrived bearing a new livery. The bus above illustrates the style. The colours reflect those of the local Luton Football Club.

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