EFE SHOWBUS International 2004 ~ Doyens

The top 25 preserved buses at the Rally

  Person/Group                         Rally     Body Make         Prizes       Chassis

  Ribble Vehicle Preservation               283         ECW                                     RESL6L


  Peter Beeson                               120         MCW                                    Regal IV

  Geoff Rixon                                  13         Park Royal                              Routemaster

  David Whitaker                             233         Park Royal                              Regent I

  First Aberdeen (Bill Law)                   1          Walker                                  PM28

  Tony Peart                                  234         Roe                                      Regent III

  603 Preservation Group                   525         ECW                                     VRTSL6G

  Nigel Ainsworth                            350         Alexander                              Tiger PS1

  Aberdeen & District TPG                  320         Alexander                              Atlantean

  3301 Preservation Soc                    601         Duple                                    C1

  Eastern Transport Collection              504         ECW                                     LD5G


  Wirral Transport Museum                  29         Park Royal                              Routemaster

  Tim Wootton                                 554         Duple                                    OB

  West End Travel                            363         Plaxton                                  Leopard

  Steve Bunda                                 49         Park Royal                              Routemaster

  Leicester City Museums                   354         Yeates                                  Tiger Cub

  1702 Preservation Society                102         Park Royal                              Regent 3RT

  Trevor Walters                             551         Scottish Omnibus                     Nimbus

  Lodge Coaches                            557         Duple                                    SBG

  Mr D C Rogers                              496         ECW                                     Olympian

  NZH Vervoer Museum                     260         Bova                                    MB200

  Steve Bunda                                 32         Park Royal                              Routemaster

  Eastern Transport Collection              509         ECW                                     LL5G