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It is now apparent that times will be affected by track maintenance and the provisional timetable has been amended accordingly. This unfortunately gives a longer wait at Honeybourne for those arriving on the first train from the west.

Johnsons Scania Optare PN09ENJ

Johnsons of Henley in Arden will be providing a vehicle for this service, not necessarily the Scania/Optare.
Please note the bus will not meet every train arriving at or departing from Honeybourne on Sunday
BUSES from Honeybourne Station to the Long Marston Airfield.
train arrives from London direction:104011351320
train arrives from Hereford direction:095811561300
Bus to TTC SHOWBUS international departs:104311591323
Bus arrives at Long Marston Airfield:105912151339
BUSES back to Honeybourne Station.
Bus departs Long Marston Airfield:16301730
Bus arrives at Honeybourne Station:16501750
train departs in London direction:16571757
train departs in Hereford direction:16571843