Guidance for your safety at SHOWBUS at the HERTFORDSHIRE COUNTY SHOWGROUND during the pandemic

Our major concern has been the crowd which gathers at the entry gate as buses arrive, which is why we are restricting access to the site until 1100h when most exhibits will be parked.
Please be careful if you choose to take pictures from outside the site as there is NO FOOTPATH and the verge is narrow opposite the bus entrance gate. The car park will be open from 0830h and the Car Boot opens at 1030h
Do NOT attend if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus
Bring and wear face coverings, gloves & hand sanitiser if you intend visiting the SHOWBUS TRADERS VILLAGE
Have correct change ready (£10, under 16 £5) & wait to be called forward by staff, when paying to enter the display.
Always keep 2 metres apart from each other, staff & all sellers.
Do not touch anythng on a bus or on a sellers stall without permission.
Use sanitiser before and after using the toilets.
Only look at a stall or bus when able to keep 2 metres away from others already viewing. Please wait your turn to view.
BOUGHT AN ITEM? Disinfect items wherever practical or quarantine for 72 hours before use.