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1 Historiches Omnibus Europatreffen


April 22nd-25th 2004

If you would like to go to Speyer contact Dirk Dannenfeld who will be happy to assist you.

The event starts around 1700 as participants arrive in Speyer and are transferred to their hotels. Followed by 19:00 get together and dinner at Technik Museum Speyer

The day is scheduled at the Speyer Museum which has much in common with our own Duxford Imperial War Museum.
9:00 Display of Buses at Technik Museum Speyer, guided tour of the museum
13:00 Reception by the Management
14:00 Reception by the Mayor of Speyer and guided tour of historic Speyer
18:00 Evening programme

A road run takes place from Speyer to Sinsheim and back.
Click here for a map of the Road Run.
10:00 Road run to Sinsheim
13:00 Reception by the Mayor of Sinsheim
15:00 Display of Buses at Auto-und Technik-Museum, Sinsheim
17:00 Road run back to Speyer
20:00 Evening programme

Participants disperse in the morning.
10:00 Farewell to Speyer

EFE SHOWBUS International.
The SHOWBUS team will be at Speyer on the Saturday.

Technik Museum Speyer.
Click here for details of the museum (available in English).
The Speyer Museum of Technology is housed in a former 1913 aircraft hangar, now classified as an historical monument. Along with the associated Museum at Sinsheim it is the leading German venue to view airplanes, locomotives, fire engines and vintage motor vehicles. The Sinsheim museum even has a Concorde and its Russian counterpart, a TU-144 on display.
Annexed to the Museum of Technology is the Marine Museum, which displays a rich collection of historical model ships. Its special attraction however is the 46 metre submarine, which can be viewed from the inside.

Speyer Tourist Information.
Click here for details of the Speyer (available in English by clicking the German flag on the Speyer Tourist website).
The Town of Speyer
The 2000 year history of Speyer - city on the Rhine - has always been closely linked to the history of both Germany and Europe. The cultural and economic achievements of the region have undeniably shaped the development and character of the city. It has among other landmarks the famous cathedral, where German Emperors were crowned.
Speyer is located on he 61 Motorway close to the cities of Mannheim and Karlsruhe. From Calais take the Motorway towards Maastricht and Aachen. Continue along the A4 Motorway towards Cologne (Koln) until it intersects the A61. From there take the A61 southwards to Koblenz and Speyer.

Konrad Auwaerter.
Click here to see Konrad Auwaerter's own site with details of his collection of preserved buses and coaches.

Further Information.
Please write to:
Konrad Auwerter
Friedrichstr. 3
94431 Pilsting
Fax: +49/9953/980039
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