Trax produce a range of models of classic Australian buses alongside diecast models of other commercial vehicles in their Trux range. The company also produce larger scale models of Australian classic cars, principally from the Holden and Ford ranges. All models are produced in a particular livery in finite numbers, so once sold out it is highly unlikely that more will follow, though each casting is presented in a sequence of different liveries. Visit their website to buy the latest models on line.

We have tried to gather details of all models produced and will add more as these as they become known. Missing series are truck models, eg TX4. A couple of images are linked from their host sites eg Flickr and Sydney Bus Museum's on-line shop,, a good source of models no longer stocked by Trax.

Model TX1 series Daimler CV

TX1 Daimler CV
TX1 Sydney Daimler CV.
2670 (MO2670) doubledeck chassised on route 229 to Taronga Zoo.

Issued September 2002.
Picture courtesy of Stephen Hayes
Trux TX1B Daimler CV
TX1B Sydney Daimler CV.
2700 (MO2700) doubledeck chassised on route 175 to Wynyard.

Issued September 2002.
Picture courtesy of Stephen Hayes
TX1C Daimler CV
TX1C Sydney Daimler CV.
2661 (MO2661) doubledeck chassised on route to Manly Wharf.

Issued 2002.
Picture courtesy of Stephen Hayes

Model TX2 series Albion CX19

Albion CX10 TX2 Palm Beach
TX2 Sydney Albion CX19
Green and cream doubledeck 1921 (MO1921) on route 190 to Palm Beach.

Issued April 2003.
Picture courtesy of Stephen Hayes
TX2B Albion CX19
TX2B Sydney Albion CX19.
2127 (MO2127) doubledeck on route 394 to La Perouse.

Issued April 2003.
Picture courtesy of Stephen Hayes
TX2C Albion CX19
TX2C Sydney Albion CX19
Based on MO1615, a pre-war bus, the model carries the engine side-cover, omitted on post war buses.

Issued 2004.
Picture courtesy of Stephen Hayes
TX2D Albion CX19
TX2D Sydney Albion CX19.
1877 (MO1877) doubledeck on route 182 to Narrabeen.

Issued 2004.
Picture courtesy of Stephen Hayes
TX2E Albion CX19
TX2E Sydney Albion CX19.
1981 (MO1981) doubledeck on route 273 to Chatswood.

Issued 2004.
Picture courtesy of Stephen Hayes
TX2F Albion CX19
TX2F Sydney Albion CX19.
1552 (MO1552) doubledeck on route 225 to Balmoral.

Issued 2005.
Picture courtesy of Stephen Hayes

Model TX3 series Leyland Titan TD1

Leyland Titan
TX3 Fred Stewart Bus Company Leyland Titan.
Registration number MO554 on route 160 to Bondi Beach North and Bondi Junction.

Issued 2003.
Leyland Titan
TX3B Metropolitan Omnibus Transport Company Leyland Titan
Registration number MO402 on route 88 between Enfield and Sydney.

Issued 2003.
Leyland Titan
TX3C F.J. Bardsley Leyland Titan
Registration number MO841 on route 62 to Sutherland. Cronulla.

Issued 2004.
Leyland Titan
TX3D South Sydney Bus Company Leyland Titan
Registration number MO601 on route 237 between Brighton Le Sands And Railway via Darlinghurst, Kensington and Daceyville.

Issued 2004.
Leyland Titan
TX3E NSW Dept of Road Transport & Tramways Leyland Titan
Registration number MO1009 on route 392 to Woolloomooloo.

Issued May 2006.
Leyland Titan
TX3F NSW Dept of Road Transport & Tramways Leyland Titan
Registration number MO1009 on route 992 Drummoyne.

Issued December 2006.

Model TX5 series Leyland Titan OPD2

TX5 Leyland Titan
TX5 Sydney Leyland Titan
2496 on route to Circular Quay.

Issued May 2006.
Picture courtesy of Stephen Hayes
Leyland Titan
TX5B Newcastle Leyland Titan
This version had synchro transmission and no power front door. Destination SWANSEA on route 348. Green radiator, cream roof, cream wheel rims faithfully reproduced.

Issued September 2006.
Picture courtesy of Keith Weblin
Picture to follow
TX5C Sydney Leyland Titan.
2769 (MO2769) on route 509 to Cardiff.

Issued 2006.
Leyland Titan
TX5D Chapmans Bus Service Leyland Titan
On route 12 to BHP Steelworks.

Issued 2007.
Picture to follow
TX5E Sydney Leyland Titan
2747 (MO2747) on route 422 to Tempe Depot.

Issued December 2009.

Model TX6 series AEC Regent III

TX6 AEC Regent III
TX6 Sydney AEC Regent III.
2347 (MO2347) on route 500 to Ryde.

Issued 2004.
Picture courtesy of Stephen Hayes
TX6B Kings Cross
TX6B Sydney AEC Regent III
2272 (MO2272) on route to Kings Cross.

Issued 2004.
Picture courtesy of Stephen Hayes
AEC Regent
TX6C Rover Motors AEC Regent III.
26 (MO4559) on route to Cessnock.

Issued 2005.
Picture courtesy of Trev
AEC Regent
TX6D Sydney AEC Regent III.
2420 (MO2420) on route to North Bondi.

Issued 2006.
Picture to follow
TX6E Linseys Motor Services AEC Regent III.
MO5427 on route 17 to Wallsend.

Issued 2007.
AEC Regent
TX6F Road Runner Tours of Wangi NSW AEC Regent III.
Ex DGT with air operated power front door. Destination Morriset.

Issued June 2009.
AEC Regent
TX6G Sydney AEC Regent III.
DGT 1792 (MO1792) with original 1940s canvas front door. This was the first preselector transmission AEC Regent to enter service in Sydney, 1947. The actual bus is preserved in restored condition at Sydney Bus Museum. Destination 433 Balmain.

Issued June 2011.
Sydney AEC Regent NSW State Transit
TX6H AEC Regent III NSW State Transit.
Our only AEC Regent in NSW State Transit blue and white. The AEC Regent was the most popular double decker to be built in NSW with 359 chassis' imported. Route 396 takes passengers from Circular Quay in the CBD to Maroubra Beach in Sydney's South, via Kingsford and Maroubra Junction.
This will be our first and last AEC Regent in NSW Transit blue and white.

Issued March 2013.
Stradbroke Island Holidays AEC Regent
TX6J The AEC Regent - having fun in the sun!
The AEC Regent was the most popular double decker bus in NSW, but some did find their way north of the border. Holiday makers visiting the Gold Coast from 1974 to 1979 will recall these vibrant ex-government double decker buses making regular pick up services between the resorts and hotels to the Stradbroke Island ferry terminal. For many tourists, just riding on these eye-catching workhouses was an adventure in itself. This latest double decker is the first Trux AEC Regent to appear with all-over livery. Get a taste of the sunshine today with this amazing release of the Stradbroke Holiday Services bus. It's bound to stand out in your collection!

Issued June 2013
Sydney AEC Regent III Double Decker TX6K
Trax TX6K Sydney AEC Regent III Double Decker
These were the most popular basis for double deck bus building in NSW with 359 chassis imported. These chassis carried similar bodywork to the Leylands but looked more distinguished due to their distinctive divided radiator and plated surround. With views straight up the harbour to the Opera House and the city, Watsons Bay has always been a popular destination for tourists coming to Sydney. The AEC Regent was a bit of a handful along the busy New South Head Rd but unlike the runners in the annual City to Surf, Heartbreak Hill was no problem for the old girl who took the climb in her stride. Featuring the later model pneumatic front door, this little piece of Sydney's history will not last long, with only strictly limited numbers available.

Issued October 2013.

Model TX7 series Leyland Tiger OPS2

Sydney TX7 Bankstown
TX7 Sydney Leyland Tiger OPS2.
Rego MO2627 on route 487 to Bankstown.

Issued 2004.
Picture courtesy of Stephen Hayes
Leyland Tiger
TX7B DGT Leyland Tiger,
2599 (MO2599) 'Frog' 31-seater so-called by staff for their ugliness. Built in 1952. Destination 409 ROOKWOOD.

Issued 2005.
Picture courtesy of Steve Lemke
Leyland Tiger
TX7C Canberra Leyland Tiger.
"Frog" 31-sesater depicting those loaned to Canberra Buses after a fire in their depot on route 40 to BELCONNEN.

Issued 2005.
Leyland Tiger
TX7D Rozelle Bus Service Leyland Tiger.
"Frog" MO0127 on route 129 to Rozelle.

Issued 2005.
Leyland Tiger
TX7E DGT Leyland Tiger.
"Frog" on route 138 to Warringah Mall, Rego MO2623.

Issued 2007.
Leyland Tiger
TX7F Newcastle Leyland Tiger.
"Frog" Newcastle style with upswept cream and black waistbands, cream wheel rims and green radiator shell on route 322 to Redhead, this model is 'Pay as you Enter'.

Issued 2008.

Model TX9 series Denning doubledeck monocoach

Denning doubledeck
TX9 Gray Line Denning decker coach.
Our first Denning Double Decker Coach. In the 1980s Denning invested some $1.5 million to develop a double decker coach that would be best suited to Australia's rugged operating conditions. The Denning offered coach operators high capacity loading, panoramic viewing and an optional driver's bunk and change area. Today the double decker coach is still used extensively throughout Australia for sightseeing tours, although interstate express travel dropped off significantly with the introduction of low cost airline travel. This debut release features the bold livery of the famous Gray Line model, which can still be seen in operation today. Gray Line Australia is a long established, Australian owned premium sightseeing company associated with Gray Line Worldwide. Worldwide release quantity was just 2000 models.
This outstanding Trux Denning Double Decker release features:
Finely detailed driver's console, accurately angled top front window and windscreen, tinted side windows, that great icon of Aussie motoring: the bullbar, the distinctive big blue and red stripes of the Gray Line livery and the Aussie flag is proudly displayed.
Considerable interest in this model is also expected from international collectors, so hurry, because just 2000 units of this milestone Denning release have been produced.

Issued November 2009.
Firefly Denning doubledeck
TX9B Firefly Denning decker coach
Destination Melbourne.

Issued November 2009.
Deluxe Denning DD
TX9C Deluxe Coachlines Denning decker coach.
189 (MO454) on route to Sydney.

Issued November 2009.
Picture courtesy of Scott Rogers
Tasman Redline Denning doubledeck
TX9D Tasman Redline Coaches Denning decker coach.
In the late eighties the Denning was released when the nation was facing pilot strikes, airlines closing and rail routes being decommissioned. In this environment the luxury coach industry took off with new express coaches everywhere along our major highways. Tasmanian Redline Coaches is renowned for taking travellers between major cities and boasts one of the highest safety records in the country. This latest release from Trux has recaptured the Redline livery from the eighties and make a welcome addition to your Denning collection.

Issued April 2010.
TX09E TransPerth Denning Double Decker Coach
TX9E TransPerth Denning Double Decker Coach.
The TransPerth bus that becomes a train.
As Perth's metropolitan area continued to expand over the years, the need for improved public transport led to the commencement of the TransPerth rail link to the southern satellite town of Mandurah, about an hour south of the Perth CBD. During the construction of this rail line a number of bus services were put in place, including the famous 'Watch this bus become a train' Denning double decker coach freeway service. Covered on both sides with a livery depicting the soon-to-arrive metrorail train, this slogan became a dominant sight along the southern route. Now, Trux have reproduced this original artwork in a sensational display of all-over livery from the 2000s era.

Issued February 2011
Ballarat Coachlines Denning doubledeck
TX09F Ballarat Coachlines Denning doubledeck.
The Denning Double Decker, now even more detailed! Ballarat Coachlines continues to be one of Victoria's premier bus companies and their striking green and white livery can be seen up and down highways across the 'Garden State'. Trux now introduces detailed side mirrors and a Ringfeder tow hitch. More details for the same price!

Issued April 2013

Model TX10 series Leyland Atlantean MCW

Eggins Comfort Coaches of Taree Leyland Atlantean MCW
TX10 Eggins Comfort Coaches of Taree Leyland Atlantean MCW
After a hard day at Taree High School, what better way was there to let off steam with classmates than a rowdy ride home upstairs in the Eggins' Coach. Formerly Ribble 1971, this Leyland Atlantean double decker was imported to New South Wales from the England in 1976. This model even includes the words 'Big Bob' above the front number plate, naming the bus after the 6ft 4" tall driver of the same name.

Issued September 2004.
Joyces Leyland Atlantean MCW
TX10B Joyce's of Bellingen Leyland Atlantean MCW.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued September 2004.
Leyland Atlantean
TX10C Kirkland Bros of Lismore Leyland Atlantean.
In the seventies Kirkland Bros pioneered the use of second-hand Atlanteans sourced from the UK and at one stage had ten such units. This colourful livery was seen in and around the towns of the far North Coast region of NSW. Only 1000 models have been produced.

Issued January 2009.

Model TX11 series Leyland National

Surfside Leyland National
TX11 Surfside Bus Company Leyland National.
11.3m model, one of the few models this length in Austrlia. Registered 626DMD the bus is on the Surfside to Tweedhead route, serving the Gold Coast.

Issued January 2005.
Melbourne MTT Leyland National
TX11B Melbourne MTT Leyland National.
821 (IAC821) on route 277 to Melbourne via Templestowe.

Issued January 2005.
Hobart MTT Leyland National
TX11C Hobart Metropolitan Transport Trust Leyland National.
Trux Models' first Tasmanian bus! Hobart's Metropolitan Transport Trust operated 62 Leyland Nationals from 1975 onwards. Trux adds to its exciting range with 603 (GT8236) on route 4 to West Hobart.

Issued February 2006.
Bunbury Leyland National
TX11D Bunbury City Transit Leyland National.
TC2094 on route 701 to Australind. This is an 11.3m model representing 10.9m. To meet Australian legal requirements on vehicle length half a standard 11.3m model and half a 10.3m model were joined to make a 10.9m bus.

Issued February 2006.
Perth MTT Leyland National
TX11E MTT Perth Leyland National.
This is an 11.3m model representing 10.9m.

Issued July 2010.
ACTION Leyland National
TX11F ACTION Buses Leyland National.
Government operated bus services for the general public in Canberra commenced on the 19th July 1926. The Federal Capital Commission operated four buses on different routes between Ainslie in the north and Eastlake in the south. Seventy Leyland National 10.9m buses arrived in Canberra between 1974 and 1975 to meet the demands of new routes and improved timetables. By 1977 the nation's capital had a comprehensive metropolitan system and was re-branded ACTION, which is an acronym for: Australian Capital Territory Internal Omnibus Network. This is an 11.3m model representing 10.9m.

Issued February 2013.

Model TX12 series Leyland Tiger TS8

Melbourne Leyland Tiger
TX12 Melbourne Leyland Tiger.
119 (AT119) on route to Collingwood.

Issued March 2005.
Melbourne Leyland Tiger
TX12B Melbourne Leyland Tiger.
117 (272-117) route to Port Melbourne.

Issued March 2005.

Model TX13 series Leyland Titan TD5C

Melbourne Leyland Titan
TX13 Melbourne Metropolitan & Tramways Board Leyland Titan.
245 (AT245) on route to Clifton Hill.

Issued June 2005.

Model TX14 series Mercedes Minibus

Surfside Mercedes minibus
TX14 Surfside Bus Company Mercedes minibus.
On route 20 to Pacific Fair.

Issued January 2007.
Toronto Mercedes minibus
TX14B Toronto Bus Service Mercedes minibus.
18 (MO9615) on the Toronto Train route.

Issued January 2008.
Shorelink Mercedes minibus
TX14C Shorelink Mercedes minibus.
73 (MO8384). Shorelink is now owned by Transdev and is based on Sydney's north shore. The bus is working route 589 to SAN (Sydney Adventist Hospital) in the suburb of Wahroonga.

Issued July 2008.

Model TX15 series Flxible Clipper coach

Pioneer Flxible Clipper
TX15 Pioneer Tours Flxible.
WEE580 on route to Ayres Rock.

Issued 2007.
Newmans Flxible Clipper
TX15B Newmans Coaches Flxible.
The classic 1940s coach design produced by Flxible in the USA was built under licence in Australia by Ansair. Newmans Coaches of New Zealand bought several. This is EN6171 on route to Wanganui.

Issued February 2008.
Ansett Flxible Clipper
TX15C Ansett Flxible.
WRN957 on route to the Airport.

Issued June 2008.
Cooks Tasmania Flxible Clipper
TX15D Cooks of Tasmania Flxible.
WEE580 on route to Hobart.

Photo courtesy of Matthew Fordham
Issued February 2009.
Pioneer Flxible Clipper
TX15E Pioneer Express Flxible.
D90 (NJH060) on the Brisbane Express.

Issued October 2010.
Green Coach Lines Flxible Clipper
TX15F Green Coach Lines of Tasmania Ansair Flxible Clipper.
The Flxible Clipper is back in one of the most memorable liveries from the Apple Isle. The Green Coach Lines model carries the Royal Mail Insignia below the forward side windows. At it's peak usage, there were 131 Ansair Flxible Clippers travelling the highways of Australia, revolutionising express coach travel in our country. Operating across the rural areas of Tasmania since the early 1950's, Green Coach Lines linked these areas with each of the major cities, including express services to Hobart and Launceston. This is T2994 on route to Hobart. The Trux Flxible Clippers have become a collection within a collection, so order today to avoid missing out this distinctive new release.

Issued April 2012.

Model TX16 series Denning singledeck monocoach

Driver Denning monocoach
TX16 Driver Bus Lines Denning monocoach.
17 (AXD564) on route to Melbourne.

Issued 2007.
Chalmers Denning monocoach
TX16B Chalmers Coaches of KillaraDenning monocoach.
Based in north Sydney CC6642 is "On tour".

Issued 2007.
McCaffertys Denning monocoach
TX16C McCaffertys Denning monocoach.
241 (241AEF) on route to Cairns

Issued April 2008.
AAT Kings Denning monocoach
TX16D AAT Kings Denning monocoach.
333 (IT6032) is "On Tour".

Issued September 2008.
Greyhound Denning monocoach
TX16E Greyhound Denning monocoach.
With the exception of Pioneer Coaches, Greyhound is our best known national express coach travel company. The Greyhound name has been in continuous use in Australia since 1928, although under various ownerships. Despite what many people believe, the Australian Greyhound operation is not a spin off from the huge American Greyhound Express line. In fact, it predates the US operation by a couple of years with its origins in Toowoomba. The livery of this release of SHK368 on route to Adelaide recaptures the green, white and orange colour scheme from the late seventies to early eighties era. Just 1600 models were produced for worldwide release.

Issued May 2009.
Olympic East West Express Denning monocoach
TX16F Denning monocoach.
The Denning crosses the Nullarbor. The Trux Denning Mono Coach has now become entrenched as a "collection within a collection". This latest release of the Olympic East West Express, hailing from Adelaide, in stunning stainless steel livery with contrasting red and blue livery, will add further diversity to your collection. Just like on the original long distance coaches, this one features the blacked-out windows for the rest room located at the rear. Coach BOQ060 is one route to Perth. Just 1000 units of this Denning release have been produced.

Issued August 2009.
Deluxe Coachlines Denning monocoach
TX16G Deluxe Coachlines Denning monocoach.
Deluxe was a large user of Dennings. This was Trux Models most requested livery. This is a must-have addition to your Monocoach collection, being a superb recreation of one of Australia's most famous express coachline operators. 5 (SAN257) is on route to Sydney.

Issued June 2010.
Australian VIP Leisure Tours Denning monocoach
TX16H Australian VIP Leisure Tours Denning monocoach.
On Queensland plates 746ONH this VIP coach has its destination set as 'On Tour'. VIP Leisure Tours is another interesting livery. VIP Express, also known as Australian VIP Leisure Tours, commenced in the early 1980s on the eastern seaboard. Following rapid expansion, VIP Express collapsed due to financial pressures in the late eighties. Their Express Service linked most Australian capital cities. This is 746ONH "On Tour".

Issued October 2010.
Aussie Express Denning monocoach
TX16J Aussie Express Denning monocoach.
One of our most "Aussie" coach liveries to date! Trux has done it again, with this striking example from our Australian coach travel history. One of our more unusual, but distinctly Australian liveries, this "Aussie Express" coach, hailing from South Australia, is a great addition to your Denning collection. This is registered RI8306. This colourful model will be the only Denning Mono Coach release for 2011 and with production limited to just 1000 models it will sell out fast.

Issued June 2011.
Kirklands Denning monocoach
TX16K Kirklands Denning monocoach.
The Denning was arguably the most popular touring coach in Australia throughout the eighties and beyond, being used extensively by private fleets for touring and express services throughout the country. Kirkland Bros have been running services in northern NSW since the 1930s and at their peak in the 1970s were reportedly taking over 5,000,000 people per year to their destinations. As one of the largest coach fleets in Australia it is fitting that Trux now recaptures their livery for inclusion in your Denning collection. This latest Denning includes a replica of the front bull bar, which would have been a rude awakening for many kangaroos on their overnight services. True to the original coach, this Trux model also includes the two external stacks. These protruded vertically to comply with new pollution requirements at the time. This is 114 (MO8496) on route to Lismore. Like all Trux Denning releases this latest release will not last long, so order yours today.

Issued September 2012.
TX16L Stateliner Denning
TX16L Stateliner Denning monocoach.
This Denning DenAir is bound for the red centre. Stateliner coaches took in towns and sights often ignored by other major bus companies, traversing South Australia from Port Lincoln to the towns along the Riverland and from Ceduna in the west to Lake Alexandrina in the south-east. But this latest Denning DenAir is bound for the urban hub of Australia's red centre: Alice Springs.

Issued September 2013

Model TX17 Sydney Leyland Atlantean PMC

Sydney Leyland Atlantean PMC
TX17 Sydney Leyland Atlantean PMC.
1111 (MO1111) on the 372 to Coogee Beach. In the late sixties a decision was taken to replace Sydney’s ageing government bus fleet with the Leyland Atlantean These Atlanteans were the first new double decker buses since 1953. They featured numerous innovations that allowed for efficient loading and off-loading of passengers, as well as improved seating capacities. Although designed to be operated by a driver only, the Sydney Atlantean was also manned by a conductor. The government had vowed to force one man operation from their single deck buses to the double deckers, but after many strikes, the longest lasting 28 days, the union won the day and two man operations of the Atlantean continued. This debut release of the Sydney Atlantean is strictly limited to just 2800 units and is finished in the original NSW government colours of Mandarin Blue and Ivory, with Blue interior.

Issued June 2009.
Sydney Leyland Atlantean PMC
TX17B Buck Rogers Night Tours Leyland Atlantean PMC.
Sydney's Atlanteans had a short and unsuccessful career dogged primarily by industrial disputes. They appeared subsquently as school buses or - like this one - with Buck Rogers Night Tours of the Gold Coast, as tour buses. Rego 925OGR with desto set as 007 Express Special.

Issued February 2010.
Sydney Leyland Atlantean PMC
TX17C Sydney Leyland Atlantean PMC.
1155 (MO1155) on route 438 to Abbotsford.

Picture courtesy of Stephen Hayes
Issued February 2011.
Sydney Leyland Atlantean PMC
TX17D Sydney Leyland Atlantean PMC.
Art in motion... One of the most innovative all-over bus advertisements from the seventies!
Across Sydney motorists and pedestrians alike marvelled at the sight of these double deckers emblazoned with creative, all-over bus advertising. In one of the most complex and colourful liveries made by Trux to date, the seventies era has been painstakingly brought back to life with "Whiskas".
Travelling across a variety of Sydney routes, this particular bus is unique in that each side advertises a different product in the Whiskas range, with the red side displaying Whiskas and the yellow side promoting Whiskettes. Destined to become a masterpiece in any collection, this "Whiskas" Sydney Leyland Atlantean will be highly sought-after, so order yours today to avoid missing out. 1185 (MO1185) is on route 440 to the Opera House via Parramatta Road.

Issued February 2012.
Sydney Leyland Atlantean PMC
TX17E Sydney Leyland Atlantean PMC.
Bankcard advert 1155 (MO1155) is on route 330 to Bondi Junction via Double Bay.

Issued June 2012
TX17F Leyland Atlantean Double Decker - Melbourne After Dark
TX17F Melbourne After Dark Leyland Atlantean PMC.
Some Leyland Atlanteans didn't retire to a quieter life...
Because the Leyland Atlantean and PMC bodies were so dependable many enjoyed a long life after leaving government service in NSW. The Melbourne After Dark Atlantean would take revellers to the top night spots, cabarets and theatre shows. This eye-catching Atlantean release from Trux recaptures all the colour and excitement of those wild nights in the 1980s. Take a bit of the nightlife home before the party's over.

Issued July 2013

Model TX18 series AEC Regent III

Sydney AEC Regent III singledeck
TX18 Sydney AEC Regent III.
The AEC Frogs were on doubledeck Regent III chassis which by the time they arrived from the UK the need for their capacity was waning and so they were bodied as low capacity singledeckers. 2526 (MO2526) is on route 409 to Burwood.

Issued August 2010.
Sydney AEC Regent III singledeck
TX18B Sydney AEC Regent III.
Route 308 to St Peters station.

Issued September 2011.

Model TX19 series Mercedes Benz Mark II

TX19 Sydney Buses Mercedes Benz Mark II
TX19 Sydney Buses Mercedes Benz Mark II PMC
The Mercedes Benz Mark II bus 0305 chassis is arguably the best government bus to run in NSW. It was certainly the most popular, with 550 being commissioned during its tenure. Whilst the Mark I was the first in the series, the Mark II is credited with bringing NSW Public Transport in line with world trends. The 510 to Ryde Depot is one of the few bus trips in Sydney to start and finish at a bus depot. The trip from Ryde Depot via Gladesville and Drummoyne to Circular Quay crosses four bridges, then returns the same way to Ryde Depot. The brand new Trux release of 1951 (MO1951) was astonishingly real-to-life, with fine detailing through

Issued November 2011.
TX19B Mercedes Sydney Explorer
TX19B Mercedes Sydney Explorer.
The memorable Sydney Explorer was a tourist sight-seeing bus that followed a loop route through and around the Sydney CBD. Owned and operated by State Transit Authority, it ran from 1980 until 28th November 2010. A one day pass would allow passengers the freedom to hop on and off whenever they wanted to, catching another Explorer bus to continue their journey. There were 27 different stops along route 111 and each bus left at 20 minute intervals. Trux has recaptured the brilliance of the red livery on this model, 2498 (MO2498).

Issued November 2011.

Model TX20 series Mercedes Benz Mark III

TX20 Newcastle Mercedes Benz Mark III
TX20 Newcastle Mercedes Benz Mark III PMC
In mid-1981 the State Transit Authority of NSW awarded the tender for 100 single-deck and 30 articulated vehicles to Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz buses had already been in service in the seventies and this new delivery of buses, the Mark III, saw some minor revisions to the bodywork by PMC.
Now, you can update your fleet of NSW Government buses with this true-to-life replica of the Mercedes Mark III single-deck bus bound for Newcastle. Route 327 takes passengers from Speers Point via Gates Head through to the CBD of Newcastle on the NSW Central Coast.
In addition to the Newcastle Buses branding is a circular NSW Police label on the right side of the windscreen, just as it appeared on the original bus. The Mark III Newcastle Buses featured flashing amber lights either side of the route number display on the front and rear of the bus.

Issued August 2012.
TX20B Sydney Buses Mercedes O305
TX20B 1981 Mercedes Benz 0305 Mark III PMC
The popular Mercedes Benz Mark III is now available in Sydney Buses' current livery. In mid-1981 the State Transit Authority of NSW awarded the tender for 100 single-deck and 30 articulated vehicles to Mercedes Benz. The Mark III saw some minor revisions to the body work by PMC. The State Transit Authority has approved the reproduction of their current Sydney Buses livery to appear on this Trux release of 2706 (MO2706). The L20 represents a Limited Stops journey along the 520 Route from Circular Quay to Parramatta. With limited stops, the L20 reduced travel time on the 520 route from the usual 1 hour and 20 minutes to under 50 minutes.

Issued November 2012.
Sydney Buses Mercedes O305 PMC 50 years
TX20C Sydney Buses Mercedes O305 PMC.
Celebrating 50 years of State Transit.

Issued November 2014.

Model TX23 series Mercedes Benz O305

IBC PMC Pacific Fair
Although this appears to be a Sydney MkIII Merc, PMC went on to build additional private bus bodies after the 550 MK II order for the PTC. One was built on an IBC chassis which has been specially modelled here by Trux. It was built as a demonstrator, then was operated by Gold Coast Citybus in all over advertising livery for Pacific Fair shopping Centre.
IBC stood for Ian and Barry Campbell who tendered unsuccessfully for the supply of chasses to carry the Mark II Pressed Metal Corp body

Issued November 2014. 3D Animated Flags Courtesy of