Sandown 2013 Gathering

Sandown 2013 Truck & Bus Show
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This gallery features exhibits at the 2013 Historic Commercial Vehicle Club's Truck & Bus Show at the Sandown Race Track in Melbourne on November 24th 2013.

Appealing Limousines displayed this smart Toyota Coaster, ZYL418. Photo ref A1385.

Moving up a size we have Australian Coachlines Scania K113TR, 3239AO, with PMCSA Superdecker coachwork and stunning graphics. Photo ref A1387.

The vehicle is as impressive if you are following it down the road or it looms up in your rear view mirror. Photo ref A1419.

The details of this bus are unknown. Clearly the body is by Comair and it has fleet number 16. The Dandenong destination and livery suggest it might have Grenda connections. Photo ref A1366.

The rear view just raises more questions with the thought as to whether it was used in service with the panneled sides, though the rear window suggests not. Photo ref A1397.
Sandown 2013 Truck & Bus Show
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