Berrima Buslines

Berrima Buslines
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Berrima Buslines
Hanging in the reception at Berrima Buslines depot was a classic picture from the company's history, probably from the inter war period.
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Berrima Tamworth Buslines Scania L94UB Custom CB60 42
Outside things were not so good as the rain was pouring down, the day after Australia Day 2015. Newly arrived from sister fleet, Tamworth Buslines, was Custom CB60 bodied Scania L94UB 42 (3252MO), now 14 with Berrima. Tamworth has been obliterated from the fleetnames, but Berrima yet to be applied.
Picture ref A6694
Berrima Buslines Volvo B7R Custom SB40 5
The Berrima fleet sports models found throughout the Buslines group, like this Custom SB40 bodied Volvo B7R, 5 (4829MO) of 2004. The original Buslines operations were founded by John A Gilbert in 1943 and Berrima was acquired in 1946, so is a long standing Group operation.
Picture ref A6708
Berrima Buslines Volvo B7R Bustech SBV 54
This 2011 delivery, 54 (5468MO), has a Bustech SBV body, the group standard since the SB40.
Picture ref A6709
Berrima Buslines Volvo B7R Bustech 3
Delivered in 2002, 3 (4830MO), is also a B7R but has the standard Bustech body of the day. Euipped for school work the bus has 3+2 seating for 72.
Picture ref A6701
Berrima Buslines
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