Blue Mountains Bus Company

Blue Mountains Bus Company
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Baby of the fleet was this Mercedes Sprinter 312D, TV2895, acquired in 2000.
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Nearing the end of its days was Mercedes LO812 3705MO of 1994. It has a Custom body and is seen at Emu Plains depot.
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At Katoomba was sister Merc 3770MO which was sold the following year to Acquire Learning in Armadale, Victoria, for use as a mobile office.
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The Blue Mountain Bus Company was owned by the Pearce family and traded as Pearce Omnibus Pty Ltd. The Pearce name was used for the coach fleet, though 3739MO - a 2000 QCC Majestic bodied Volvo B7R - has Blue Mountains fleetnames. Alongside the AB Denning Majestic bodied B7R of the same vintage is emblazoned with the Pearce name. Both coaches are in Emu Plains depot in November 2013.
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Seen in bathurst a few days later is another 2000 AB Denning Majestic bodied coach, 3745MO, but this time mounted on an MAN 22.370 chassis.
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Blue Mountains Bus Company
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