Lithgow Buslines

Lithgow Buslines
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The Mills-Tui Orbit bodied Mercedes OH1830L is a popular school bus within the Buslines Group. This is 17 (1698MO) delivered in 2009 and seen on the far end of the line up in the yard.
Picture ref A1101
Manoeuvring in the yard was 16 (1691AO), dating from 2008.
Picture ref A1093
This unidentified Mills-Tui is emerging from the wash.
Picture ref A1102
The first pair of Orbits delivered in 2007 had coach seats, later deliveries were bus seated. This is coach seated 15 (2196MO), its sister being 14 (2192MO).
Picture ref A1092

This is the middle of the three delivered in 2009, 17 to 19: 18 (6132MO).
Picture ref A1097
Lithgow Buslines
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