Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board - The Met

Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board - The MET
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Melbourne Leyland National
TX11B Leyland National Mk1 1975 10.3m
Registration number IAC821.
Route 277 to Melbourne via Templestowe.
Melbourne Leyland National
The MTB built up quite a reasonable fleet of dual door 10.9 metre Leyland Nationals in the seventies. Australian Nationals were not the 10.3 metre or 11.3 metre UK versions, but 10.9m. This was achieved by using the front end of an 11.3m model and the back end of a 10.3m version, thus ensuring the bus did not exceed the Australian limit of 11m at the time. This example, 814 (IAC814), dates from 1975 and is seen in August 1989 still in the orange livery it had from new.
Melbourne Volvo B59
Contemporary with the Nationals were these ungainly Ansair bodied Volvo B59s. Volvo 926 is seen here in 1989 winter sunshine.
Melbourne MAN SL200
Met 273 (MWE273 later 1172AO) was, in the new green and yellow colours in 1989. It is seen here loading in St Kilda. The bus is an MAN SL200 with Mark II Ansair bodywork. It survived to pass to National Express' National Bus Company but the route on which this bus is seen operating passed to Melbourne Bus Link.
Melbourne Tokyo bendibus
In 1985 Japan took delivery of 100 Volvo B10ML articulated buses for services to the World Expo in Tokyo. The order caused a stir at the time as Japan was self-sufficient in bus production. However these articulated buses were not street legal in Japan, so after the Expo the buses were all exported. Seventy nine of them ended up in Austalia, popping up all over the country. This example went to the MTB and is seen one winter evening in 1989 in Flinders Street.
Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board - The MET
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