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Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board L Class 106
The last of an order of six James Moore & Sons cars placed by the Prahran & Malvern Tramways Trust, but delivered in 1921 to the M&MTB. It was numbered 106 in the L class and in 1980 painted in the pre-1930s chocolate and cream livery, for use at Essendon on the Zoo Special Sunday service and other tourist work.
Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board W1 Class 431
Melbourne's first standard tram was the W class. It attempted to provide the same capacity of the cable car twin sets in an electric tram. It had an open drop centre and two enclosed saloons either end, modified in later life to offer better weather protection. Entering service in 1927, 431 was one of thirty W1 class variants. In May 1988 it was reconverted back to original W1 form and then saw occasional use on tourist services and special charters until it joined the Museum collection.
Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board W5 Class 774
Another tram to end its days on tourist services 774 represents the 120 W5 trams built at Preston Workshops in the late thirties to replace the cable cars on Elizabeth Street. The W5 were the last trams built with canvas doors, subsequent W class trams had the sliding air-operated doors.
Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board Y1 Class 613
Designed to avoid fare evasion with a front entrance and rear exit, the Y1 class were as controversial as Sydney's Atlanteans as the unions feared the layout would lead to the end of conductors. The conductor would have been seated at an issue desk behing the driver. Thus the original order for fourteen cars, was cut to four (610-613). This is 613 and two more (610 and 611) survive on the Talking Tram Tour of Bendigo. The Y class were known at the "Yappers", as the open cab allowed passengers to yap (talk) to the driver. The layout also meant that 613 made an excellent driver trainer tram, which is how it spent most of its final days before retirement and preservation.
Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board W7 Class 1040
Built at Preston in 1956, car 1040 represents the last W class trams, a batch of forty W7. It was withdrawn in 1992, restored to original livery, and used from time to time on a variety of tourist and heritage services.
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