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Mountdandy Bus
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An earlier April 2010 view of 6/54/354 at Oakleigh depot, when despite its bus seating, it was parked in the coach line up, rather than with the contract buses.

Scania chassis and NCBC bodies have long been popular with Ventura, predating the Mountdandybus acquisition. This unit was new to Mountdandybus in 2000, the year of the takeover. It has NCBC's Buddina style body on an L94UB Scania chassis and is seen in Croydon Bus Station in April 2004.
Mount Dandenong Mercedes O405NH Custom CB60
Mount Dandybus' handful of Mercedes O405NH models were destined to be swamped by the huge numbers about to join the fleet when Ventura took over National Express' National Bus operation in Melbourne in 2000. This is thought to be 758 (2675AO) with Custom CB60 body photographed again below.

Delivered as 339 (2673AO), this 2001 Scania L94UB was later renumbered 842 to fit in with Ventura's later Scania deliveries. The Custom CB60 model is seen in Croydon in April 2004.

Seen on the same day is Custom CB60 bodied Mercedes O405NH 758 (as above), which was probably numbered 340 at the time.
Mountdandy Bus
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