Picton Buslines

Picton Buslines
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The origin of Picton Buslines lies with a Stan Rutter, also known as Tiger. He started a Picton bus service in 1945 selling to the partnership of Higlett and Lee in 1949 who operated in nearby Camden. The following year the partnership split with Lee retaining the Picton services and Higlett Camden. In 2000 the Lee family bowed out and the Buslines Group acquired the operation, but following the death of a partner in the Buslines Group a retructuring enabled the Ferris family to acquire Picton Buslines and separate from the group.
Picton Volvo B7R Bustech SBV 36
A visit to the Picton bus depot in January 2015 found this typical Buslines purchase, a 2009 Bustech SBV bodied Volvo B7R, 36 (6678MO), ideal for its main hone to school transport work.
Picture ref A6676
Picton Mercedes O500LE Bustech VST 5
For bus services, the favoured model was the Bustech VST bodied Mercedes O500LE like 5 (7017MO) new in 2011. From 2017 bus deliveries resulted in one B7RLE, with B8RLE models thereafter.
Picture ref A6673
Picton Mercedes O500LE Bustech VST 3
Sister vehicle 3 (4852MO) dates from 2005.
Picture ref A6675
Picton Mercedes OHL1622 Custom 300 9
Older Custom 300 bodied Mercedes OHL1622, 9 (4856MO), dated from 1991 and was sold to Sydney Coachlines in 2016.
Picture ref A6679
Picton Volvo B7R Bustech SBV 34 & 35
This pair of Bustech SBV bodied Volvo B7R buses were new in late 2009: 34 (1718MO) and 35 (1717MO).
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Picton Buslines
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