Prior's Bus Service of Batemans Bay

Prior's Bus Service
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Prior's Bus Service have several Hino motors, mostly acquired secondhand. This 1988 Custom bodied BG300, 2250MO, came from the West Bankstown Bus Service in 2003. It is seen during a depot visit in November 2014.
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This Hino was bought new in 1989. Newnham bodied RG197K TV4486 is bus seated and is presumably still in its original livery.
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A more modern new purchase in late 2000 was Autobus bodied Hino RG230 1290AO.
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This P&D bodied RK260 of 2005, 1280MO, is one of three Hinos acquired from Robertson in Griffith.
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Another of the Robertson trio is 1281MO, this 1990 PMCA 160 bodied Hino RG197K.
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Prior's Bus Service
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