Sunraysia Bus Lines

Sunraysia Bus Lines
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Sunraysia Mercedes O500LE Volgren 9 & Bustech XDi 26
Seen together in the Mildura depot of Sunraysia in November 2013 are buses typical of the fleet at the time. On the left is Volgren Bodied Mercedes O500LE 9 (8474AO) and on the right 26 (7305AO), an integral Bustech XDi.
Picture ref A1268
Sunraysia Mercedes O500LE Volgren 29 & 39
Two more Mercedes O500LE 29 (8383AO) and 39 (8841AO) at the depot on the same day. Like 9, 29 dates from 2011 and 39 joined the fleet the following year.
Picture ref A1266
Sunraysia Bustech XDi 27 & 25
Two more Bustech XDis were 27 (7476AO) and 25 (7384AO). All three arrived in the fleet in 2009, with 23 beating them to Mildura in late 2008, but whereas the Mercedes continued to flow in, that was it for Bustech. Also in the picture is Bustech bodied 13 (0621AO), a 1999 Mercedes O405NH.
Picture ref A1271
Sunraysia Hino RG197K PMC 160 17
Two older vehicles in bus livery are in this line up with members of the coach fleet. Foremost is 17 (0623AO), a 1992 Hino RG197K with PMC 160 body. Alongside is a 1993 Hino RG197K with Ansair Roadstar bus body, 18 (0624AO). The first coach in the line up is 63 (4980AO), a 2001 MAN 18.130 with B&CI coachwork, then 61 (0612AO) a 1994 MAN 16.240/Custom with AB Denning Vario bodied Merc 815D 56 (3100AO) tagged on the end.
Picture ref A1265
Sunraysia Mercedes O500LE Volgren 28
Though the Mildura visit was on a Sunday, one Mercedes was out on route work, O500LE 28 (8375AO).
Picture ref A1275
Sunraysia Bus Lines
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