Models For Sale

I am clearing out some odd models in my collection to make room for more! Some of these have proved popular so I have tracked down some more. By and large they are unobtainable models these days and are priced accordingly. Check they are still available (first come first served) by emailing. Prices include postage and packaging within the UK. All models are as new and boxed unless stated otherwise.
More as I sort them out!
Send cheques payable to M Isles to 20 Castle Rise, Castle Street, HIGH WYCOMBE. HP13 6FQ

or ask for bank details for payment through internet banking transfer
Below are a variety of models, mostly one offs in terms of the selection available. Follow the links to see models of a particular fleet or particular manufacture.
Fleet models
Manufacturer models
Devon General
Hong Kong models
Western National/Royal Blue
Wilts & Dorset
Bristol FLF
Bristol VR
Dennis Dart
Harrington Cavalier/Grenadier
Leyland National
London RF
London RM
London other models
MCW Atlantean/Fleetline
12301 Harrington Grenadier.

12301 Harrington Grenadier. £24 inc p&p.
The Harrington body has always been reliant upon attractive liveries to show-off its graceful lines, here the green and cream of M&D does just that. On a day trip to Walton On The Naze, this coach helps capture the mood of this Southern operators fleet.
12204 Cavalier Coach Orange Luxury
12204 Cavalier Coach Orange Luxury £12.50 inc p&p.

11902 Yelloway Harrington Cavalier.

11902 Yelloway Harrington Cavalier.
£12 inc p&p.

Picture courtesy of EFEZone
12113 Harrington Cavalier MAIDSTONE & DISTRICT.
12113 Harrington Cavalier MAIDSTONE & DISTRICT. £24 inc p&p.

After many requests for a Cavalier in Maidstone & District livery, here it is. Fleet number C25 registered 25 TKR is operating an Afternoon Tour.
12101 Southdown Harrington Cavalier
12101 Southdown Harrington Cavalier
£25 inc p&p.