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Retro Classics March 2005
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A newly restored exhibit at Retro Classics 2005 was this 1935 Mercedes OP3750 which was rebodied in 1949 with a new Auwärter Aufbau body. The coach operated for the Stuttgart company Ruoff (whose livery is also born by the early Skyliner that visited Showbus in 2003). Ruoff has effectively passed into the current ownership of Connex/Transdev, who supported the vehicle's restoration.
Ruoff Mercedes OP3750 Auwärter Aufbau
A second view of Mercedes AW56-6043, which formed the centre of Konrad Auwärter's hospitality area at Retro Classics in the Auwärter Hall.

The jaw dropping exhibit was this 1974 Setra S80 which could have just been wheeled straight out of the factory. Newly restored by Elisabeth Kuvake for Konrad Auwärter, the coach had been seen at the 2004 Retro Classics in the early stages of restoration and is pictured below. Konrad plans to bring the coach to SHOWBUS in September 2005 where it is planned to include it in a Setra display.

The Setra S80 was scarcely recognisable as such in 2004.
Settra S80
An "offical" picture of the finished work. The livery matches that of the model used in Setra brochures for the S80.
Retro Classics March 2005
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