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Flights Hallmark
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Flight Premier at Bull Ring
Pausing at the Bull Ring is one of a then recent delivery of Plaxton Premier bodied Volvo B10M's belonging to Flights. Care had to be taken not to confuse Flights with its Flightlink operation which was sold to National Express, expanded and retained the same colours, though to a different layout. Subsequently Flights acquired Excelsior European Motorways based at Bournemouth to form an expanded operation for holiday tours though the companies have since gone their separate ways.
Excelsior Flightlink Volvo B10M Plaxton XEL4
Representing the period when National Express and Excelsior were associated with Flights is this Plaxton Excalibur bodied Volvo B10M of Excelsior, XEL4, in Flightlink colours at Heathrow Airport Bus Station.
Flightlink Volvo B10M Plaxton
This Flights Volvo/Plaxton at Heathrow over Christmas 2001 is in what became the standard Flightlink livery.
Flights AEC Reliance Harrington 477AOP
Seen at the Birmingham Outer Circle Run, the week before its visit to Showbus in 1999 is Flights recently restored AEC Reliance with Harrington coachwork. The vehicle was once again in Flights' care and ownership but subsequently passed to Goodwins of Manchester and visited SHOWBUS again in 2005 and subsequently.
12110 Flights AEC Reliance Harrington Cavalier
12110 Flights AEC Reliance Harrington Cavalier.
Photo courtesy of ModelBusZone
Flights Hallmark
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