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Stavlink Scania K280IB Higer A30 302
Melbourne rail commuters are suffering the annual infliction of rail replacement services over vast chunks of the rail network whilst Daniel "Bloody" Andrews, the state premier, continues to replace level crossings across the network to save motorists the inconvenience of a short delay before they move on to the next set of robotic traffic lights. Considerable less expense and disruption would have been caused if the monwy had been spent making the city's traffic lights intelligent so they do not hold traffic unnecessarily once the junction is clear, but the green lights stay on even though all the waiting cars have gone. Intelligent lights would help bus and tram time keeping too.
Passengers on board this Stavlink Transit Higer A30 bodied Scania K280IB, 302 (BS06QQ) are relatively lucky. They have a coach with comfy sesta, though it is twelve years old. More common are twenty year old plus ex Transperth Volgren CR225L bus bodied Mercedes O405NH and the like. We do not know how long Broadmeadows based Stavlink has been in the bus business, but the name appears new on the scene. It is not thought that Stav sell flats as a side business.
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