Sandown 2012 Gathering

Sandown 2012 Truck & Bus Show
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This gallery features exhibits at the 2012 Historic Commercial Vehicle Club's Truck & Bus Show at the Sandown Race Track in Melbourne on November 18th 2012. Excluded are the many exhibits from the Driver Heritage Collection, which is in a separate gallery.

Puddles from the morning showers on the ground, but blue sky above sums up the weather for the Melbourne Sandown Truck & Bus Show on November 18th 2012. Here is a view of the bus display showing Driver, Crown and Bayside-Nuline exhibits.

The complete Sandown bus and coach line up.

Amazingly the show had two Ansair Flxible Clippers, this one, registered appropriately FLXIBL as well as Driver's Pioneer Tours Clipper.

The last arrival for the bus display was the anonymous trailer towing Comair Bodied Bedford SB.

Panorama exhibited this two month old MAN 18.320 with Volgren bodywork. The Dineen group, of which Panorama is a part, is a keen MAN user.
Sandown 2012 Truck & Bus Show
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