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Australian 4 by 4s
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Darwin 4x4 131DTU
131DTU is seen at a hotel in Darwin. There are several 4x4s operating excursions in the area, particularly to Kakadu and Lichfield Parks. Kakadu's popular claim to fame was being the setting for the "Crocodile Dundee" film.
Darwin OKA 4x4 2032
2032 is another Darwin based 4x4, parked opposite the Transit Terminal. OKA is an Australian brand of 4x4s.
Darwin 4x4
This Darwin 4x4 looks a little more conventional with a body grafted on to a normal truck cab.
Sydney OKA 4x4
Another OKA, but this time in Sydney. The large number of tourists menas there is still scope for outback tours from the city, though Darwin certainly has a larger and more interesting outback to explore - and there it's not only the buses that are 4x4s!

A couple of years or so later and almost certainly the same 4x4, TV2820, is seen again in Sydney in summer 2003/2004.
Australian 4 by 4s
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