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Accompanying various buses on a school charter in Adealide 2012 was BUSES'R'US 45 (XMA482), a now retired imposing Austral Tourmaster bodied Scania K112TR. The 1988 machine had been acquired from Hawkesford's, but before that had been with VIP Tours in Alices Springs, Latrobe Valley, New Wright of Melbourne and Kogarah Coaches of Blakehurst, NSW.
Sid Foggs Mercedes O305 Coachworks Orana 400
Sid Foggs acquired this Mercedes O305 with Coachworks Orana body, 400 (TV6646), from Hawkesford's in 2012. The bus was North Coast Busways 610, being a rebody of 1979 STA PMC bodied Mercedes 2168.
Picture ref B2610
Deluxe Mercedes O404 AB Galaxy 2430AC
This AB Denning bodied Mercedes O404 started life with Keetley's Coaches in Darwin in 2000 with rego MO1647. Acquired by Hawkesford's and numbered 320, it was transferred to their Melbourne subsidiary, Deluxe as their 66 (5124AO). The Deluxe company has since been acquired by Executive Coach Travel in Melbourne. It is seen in April 2014 on rail replacement work, about to turn into the Southern Cross Terminal
Picture ref A2676
Bankstown Mercedes O305G TV7639
Unsurprisingly this Mercedes O305G is ex Sydney Buses 2572, one of three in the Bankstown fleet in 2013 along with several rigid O305s. All three previously worked for Hawkesford's.
Picture ref A1009
Casula Volvo B59 P&D MO7967
Seen at Liverpool Station in November 2013 is a bus with a fascinating history. At the time Casula 23 (MO7967), but originally PTC Melbourne 851 (IUG851) as an Ansair bodied Volvo B59. The bus was rebodied by P&D in 1994 and acquired by Hopkinsons who sold it on to Hawkesford's International from whence it went to Casula. Casula was subsequently merged with Kingsgrove Bus Service and was renumbered 12 in the enlarged fleet.
Picture ref A947
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