Sold Melbourne Met buses

Sold Melbourne Met buses
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Casula Volvo B59 P&D TV5561
Seen receiving attention in Casula's depot in November 2013 is their TV5561, originally PTC Melbourne 871 (IUG871) with an Ansair body. The Volvo B59 was rebodied by P&D and acquired by Hopkinsons as their MO4447 who then sold it on to Kiama Scenic Tours from whence it went to Casula who subsequently merged with Kingsgrove Bus Service.
Picture ref A1019
Hopkinsons Metrobus Volvo B59 P&D
A near side view of a similar machine, in Parramatta. Derek Cheng of Sydney informs us that these bodies were built on either B10B or rebodied B59 chassis and this one, MO8712, is on a B59 ex PTC Melbourne 862 (IUG862). It was subsequently sold to Hawkesford's International and then passed to Kingsford Smith Transport.
Hopkinsons Volvo B59 P&D MO8712
The same bus is seen at the remodelled Parramatta Station in January 2008.
Casula Volvo B59 P&D MO7967
Seen at Liverpool Station in November 2013 is Casula 23 (MO7967), but originally PTC Melbourne 851 (IUG851) as an Ansair bodied Volvo B59. The bus was rebodied by P&D in 1994 and acquired by Hopkinsons who sold it on to Hawkesford's International from whence it went to Casula. On merging with Kingsgrove Bus Service the bus was renumbered 12 in the enlarged fleet.
Picture ref A947
Sold Melbourne Met buses
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