Toronto Bus Service
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An unidentified Toronto Custom bodied bus on layover in Toronto in August 2004. It is thought to be one of the fleets Mercedes O405s.
Toronto Custom bodied bus
A similar bus is seen on service in the town.
Toronto Volvo B10M/PMC160
Believed to be Volvo B10M/PMC160 16 (MO7030) returning to the depot.

Fleet number 7 (MO5161) in 2004 was this PMC bodied Isuzu ECR570 dating from 1986. The 53 seater was in use on school bus duties and is seen on layover at a local school.

Seen together in the depot yard are a pair of MANs used on school buses. On the left is fleet number 9 (MO781) a 16.240 dating from 1988. The other bus has the same chassis but is a year newer - 4 (MO326) - both have 57 seat bus bodies by PMC, 4's being the ubiquitous PMC160 whilst 9's seems to hark from a different era. This photo has been chosen to illustrate the homepage of the Bus Victoria website.
Toronto Bus Service
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