Yarra Trams - W class
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With fifty new trams on order for 2012 and beyond, Melbourne's W class is looking at the end of its days In January 2012, 969 was being installed as a ticket booth outside the Melbourne Arts Centre.
Here it is seen from the opposite end.
Here it is again in early March fully installed in its new role.
Sometime earlier 1011 had been installed in Luna Park funfair in St Kilda as a permanent attraction. It is seen in August 2008, on one of the park's winter open days. The famous wooden roller coaster can be seen in action, top right.

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Melbourne W class tram
The "W" class Melbourne tram has become as much a symbol of the Australian city as the cable cars are in San Francisco. The green liveried trams appear as back ups on the City Circle and other parts of the extensive tram network. This is a W6 class tram.
Yarra Trams - W class
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