June 98 header
Western National Merc

24802 Mercedes Minibus WESTERN NATIONAL
With its striking flags and bold colours, this Western National Minibus is an essential addition to any collection. Adding another image to the extensive Western National fleet, K616 ORL, is on route 14 to Keyham.

One of the first RF's to be converted to OPO specification, MLL 933, fleet number RF515, retains its cream window borders. With "Pay As You Enter" boards on its front and sides and authentic adverts for Red Rover and Green Rover bus tickets, this highly detailed model should again please collectors as it travels on route 206 to Claygate.
Yarmouth PD2

16115 Leyland PD2 Highbridge GREAT YARMOUTH
The attractive blue and cream livery of the Great Yarmouth fleet is featured on this PD2 complete with adverts for local brew Lacon's and the well recognised drink milk campaign. On route 5 to South Denes, EX 6567, fleet number 67 will be a most popular model.
County Dart

20621 Pointer / Dart COUNTY BUS
From the County Bus fleet, L405 NHJ, is on route 331 to Turnford. Representing the "LeaValley" division operating in North East London and Essex, this Pointer represents the final livery of this company before its change into Arriva colours.
National Express Y type EYMS

22509 Alexander Y Type NATIONAL
On the 25th Anniversary of National Express coaches, this Y-Type,the first to be featured in the all over white livery, is seen here on route 305 to London. Sure to be popular, an early order is recommended for this vehicle representing an important era in British bus history.
Bolton PD2 Highbridge DL

20003DL Leyland PD2/12 Orion BOLTON
On route 55 to Belmont, this handsome vehicle, JBN 157, fleet number 81, carries adverts for Walker's Pubs and Stonedri clothing. As with all De-Luxe models, a certificate of authenticity is included showing the limited production run.
Birmingham CRG6 Manc style
25401 Manchester MCW Fleetline BIRMINGHAM
The popular Birmingham livery returns on this Manchester style Daimler Fleetline, complete with alternative style roof. On route 9 to Quinton, 400 KDV, fleet number 3400, carries adverts for Arkell's BBB Beer and Schreiber furniture. The additional grills on its rear signify that this bus was one of those fitted with an experimental heating system.
BRS Ergo 3XL Box

Yet another new model released this month is this AEC Ergo in British Road Services livery. Operating from the Bristol depot, FHF 769D, fleet number RA337 gives the B.R.S. collector yet another detailed vehicle for their fleet.