July 98 header
Brewers Merc

24901 Mercedes Minibus BREWERS
This new model with lower height destination box is featured in the livery of popular Welsh operator Brewers. Accompanying the Plaxton Pointer in the same livery, E288 VEP fleet number 428, is on route 34 to Neath.
Brewery series logo
Courage TK

21902 Bedford TK COURAGE
The Brewery Series continues to win acclaim for its detail and accuracy, this Bedford TK being no exception. With guard rails on its sides and a crate and barrel load which are top an accurate scale, PLP 264L carries the Courage name with pride on its sides and roof.
Plymouth Manchester style Atlantean

24703 Manchester MCW Atlantean PLYMOUTH
In an attractive red and cream, this Plymouth Atlantean sports a livery which adds a new image to the fleet. FJY 912E, fleetnumber 212, is on route 61 to Heybrook Bay.
WA Panorama

15710 Plaxton Panorama WALLACE ARNOLD
One of the most famous names in British coaching is seen here on the impressive Plaxton Panorama Elite, UNW 27M. This imposing model carries a livery familiar to all enthusiasts and is enhanced by the usual high quality details found on all Exclusive First Editions models.
BET Western Welsh

The popular Welsh operator Western Welsh is the feature of this month's B.E.T. complete with the distinctive crest on its sides. On route 302 to Bridgend, WKG 284, fleet number 1284, is sure to attract great attention on its release.
BR AEC Regal

British Railways' vehicles always command great interest, so this AEC Regal is sure to be a great success following in the wake of the Bedford OB models released last year. HKL 842, fleet number 851 SO M, allocated to the Midlands area, is an attractive model which will find favour with bus and railway collector alike.
Eastern Counties open top VR

18502 Bristol VRII Open Top EASTERN COUNTIES
Eastern Counties' models have always had a huge following and this VR promises to be and is seen no exception. In the predominantly cream livery, JNG 50N, fleet number OT 353 is on route F4 to the Felixstowe Ferry. We urge collectors to place an early order as demand will be high for this model.
East Yorkshire AEC/Duple
25301 AEC Duple Half Cab Coach EAST YORKSHIRE
This new casting with restyled nearside bodywork adds another profile to the range. This Duple body was a common sight during the post war coaching boom here for the first time in the attractive coaching livery of East Yorkshire. HWJ 992, fleet number 504, is on the express service to London.