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Crosville started its bus service in 1911 between Chester and Ellesmere Port. Growing to serve more isolated districts in the North of Wales as well as the Merseyside area, this popular fleet plays an important part in Britain's transport heritage.
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Base Toys
Crosville Bristol LD6B
B101 Bristol Lodekka LD6B Open Platform - CROSVILLE
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued January 2013
Crosville Dennis Loline Alexander
DL-07 CROSVILLE Dennis Loline Alexander.
DEG402 (RDB897) on route E20 to Weston Estate.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued October 2007
Corgi Original Omnibus Company
Crosville Leyland Titan PD1A ECW
40802 CROSVILLE Leyland Titan PD1A ECW.
M521 (GFM906) on route 409 to Llandudno via Abergele and Colwyn Bay.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued September 1996
Crosville Bristol Lodekka FS6G ECW
OM40809 CROSVILLE Bristol Lodekka FS6G ECW.
DFG157 (4227FM) on route D34 to Wrexham.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued October 2003
Crosville Bedford OB Duple
42504 CROSVILLE Bedford OB Duple.
SL61 (LFM398) on route to Llandudno.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued July 1997
Crosville Optare Delta
42906 CROSVILLE WALES Optare Delta.
SDD702 (F702ECC) either on route 94 to Abermaw/Barmouth or without route number to Abermaw/Barmouth.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued October 1997
Crosville Wales Leyland Olympian ECW
43002 CROSVILLE WALES Leyland Olympian ECW.
EOG210 (C210GTU) on route X1 to Caernarfon.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued December 1996
Crosville Wales Leyland Lynx
43109 CROSVILLE WALES Leyland Lynx.
SLC67 (F67FKW) on route 5B to Llandudno Junction Depot.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued June 1998
Crosville Bristol L & Bristol K
97056 CROSVILLE Gift Set.
comprises Bristol L KB1 (FFM469) on route to Liverpool / Caernarvon and Bristol K MB251 (FFM432) on route 116 to Liverpool Pier Head via Roby & Huyton Quarry.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued November 1994
Oxford Diecast
Crosville Commer PB
76PB004 Commer PB minibus - CROSVILLE
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued December 2013
15102 Leyland National Long MK I.
15102 CROSVILLE Leyland National Long MK I.
Serving the Crosville fleet during NBC control, this Leyland National in the standard green livery, is a long dual door type. Fleet number SNL 807, is on route F23 to Woodside.
14003 Bristol FLF Lodekka
14003 CROSVILLE Bristol FLF Lodekka
In the cream livery used for the coaching fleet, this FLF with its rear converted for additional luggage space, is seen on rote X4 to Caenarvon. DFBll2 displays an advert for the Cymru Coastliner Service on its offside.
20407 Bristol VR III.
This modern bus in its bright green and white livery models Crosville's post DeRegulation image. WTU 477W is one of the last few VR's to have been built and can be seen here on route 51 to Denbigh. DVG 477 carries adverts for BBC Radio Five, Persil washing up powder and a Volkswagen dealership.
16202 Bristol MW Coach.
16202 CROSVILLE Bristol MW Coach.
The cream, black and silver coaching livery of the earlier Crosville vehicles is shown here to good effect on the Bristol MW. Fleet number CMG412 is on private hire duties.
13911 Bristol FLF Lodekka
13911 CROSVILLE Bristol FLF Lodekka.
In the green bus livery of Crosville, this FLF, SFM 258F, fleet number DFG 258, is on route H2 to Warrington and carries adverts for Pearl Assurance and Brains S.A. Beer.
16103 Leyland PD2 Highbridge
16103 CROSVILLE Leyland PD2 Highbridge.
The Leyland PD2 was a popular vehicle with many fleets and Crosville was no exception. M611 is en route to Rhyl and displays adverts for Rhyl's "Ocean Beach Fun Fairs".
l8604 Bristol VR III Open Top
l8604 CROSVILLE Bristol VRTSL3 ECW Open Top.
Crosville's "Happy Dragon" can be seen proudly displayed on the upper decks of WTU 467W, fleet number OVG467. Carrying adverts for the Welsh Mountain Zoo, driver recruitment and the White Rose Shopping Centre, this highly detailed model adds yet another vehicle to the popular Welsh fleet on route 101 to Prestatyn.
The design of coaches in the 60's and 70's did not cater for holiday makers luggage and to get over this problem Crosville purchased Bedford TK Luton boxvans. These vehicles were run by the engineering department and our highly decorated model features it in the NB period carrying two conical adverts for Crosville holidays. This is a model not to be missed.
25203 Bristol RE CROSVILLE
25203 CROSVILLE Bristol RE.
Depicted in the Tilling livery as delivered to Crosville when new, this Bristol RE, EFM 179H, fleet number SRG179, is on route M47 to Borth Cross Road. An early order is recommended for this model.
Crosville Y-type
22508 Alexander Y Type CROSVILLE.
This latest Y Type is from the ever popular Crosville fleet, adding another model to the wide cross section of vehicles already featured. FJA 221D, fleet number CLL 927, is on route X1 to Manchester and is decorated in the cream and black of the Crosville coaching fleet.
24312 BET Style Bus CROSVILLE
24312 BET Style Bus CROSVILLE.
Depicted as run just before NBC control, this ex-North Western vehicle, LDB 774, fleet number STL 915 is on route H44 to Northwich. Carrying adverts for Robert's bread on its roof sides and NBC bus hire on its rear, this BET makes an interesting addition to the now extensive Crosville fleet.
27302 Leyland TD1 Closed Back CROSVILLE.
27302 Leyland TD1 Closed Back CROSVILLE.
In the later green livery more associated with this fleet, M160 registered FM 6400 is on route to Loggerheads. The model has adverts for 1910 South African Sherry and Corona soft drinks.
17504 Leyland National MKII Long ARRIVA WALES.
17504 Leyland National MKII Long ARRIVA WALES.
Continuing to build the popular Arriva fleet, and in answer to your requests for more Welsh routed buses is this interesting National. Fleet number SNL132, registered B132SED is working route 2 to Mold in North Wales and was one of the last two Leyland Nationals to be built.
30704 AEC Renown CROSVILLE.
30704 AEC Renown CROSVILLE.
Well loved within the Crosville fleet were the AEC Renown's a workhorse that went through several livery changes. Registered VDB 980 fleet number DAA 515 is working route E52 to Rudheath.
32202 Bristol RELH NATIONAL coach.
32202 Bristol RELH CROSVILLE NATIONAL coach.
The first general release of our new casting depicts our Bristol RELH in white NBC Crosville livery, this vehicle has recently been the subject of a loving restoration. Registration number EFM163H, fleet number CRG 163 operates route X10.
Our Bristol VRTSL3 depicts fleet number DVL 435 in Crosville NBC livery as it can be seen preserved in the North West Museum Of Road Transport. Registered RMA 435V operating route B1X to Mold.
32203 BRISTOL RELH COACH Crosville.
Registration number AFM 106G, fleet number CRG 106. Working route X2 to London (motorway express). The second release of our Bristol RELH in Crosville livery captures fleet number CRG 106 in the traditional black and cream coaching livery. Registration number AFM106G operates the Motorway Express route X2 to London.
24107 Bedford TK CROSVILLE NBC.
Released March 2013.