Model Fleet Focus
The Devon General Omnibus and Touring Company was founded in 1919 and merged with the competing Torquay Tramways Company Limited in 1922. Always using an interesting variety of vehicles, Devon General recovered from severe war time cuts to be one of the leaders in the 'fifties bus and coaching boom. The many tourist attractions of the Devon area have always been a feature of the advertising on Devon General buses and so feature strongly in this model fleet.
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Devon General Bristol LH
112 (KTT42P) on route 371 to Exeter.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued January 2009
Corgi Original Omnibus Company
Devon General BET singledeck
97900 DEVON GENERAL AEC Reliance Marshall.
9 (9RDV) on route 9 to Sidmouth.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued July 1994
Devon General AEC Regent V MCW Orion
41003 DEVON GENERAL AEC Regent V MCW Orion.
DR817 (VDV817) on route O to Redhills.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued November 1999
Creative Master Northcord
Stagecoach Devon Hong Kong Olmypian
HKBUS2010 STAGECOACH DEVON Hong Kong Olmypian.
13601 (BIW4977) on route X46 Express to Paignton.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued July 2008
Stagecoach Devon Bayline Trident
18063 (WA04CRF) on route 12 to Brixham with Bayline branding.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued August 2005
Stagecoach Devon South Devon College Trident
UKBUS0010 STAGECOACH DEVON South Devon College Trident.
18308 (WA05MGZ) on route 12A to Newton Abbot South Devon Col with South Devon College branding.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued October 2006
Stagecoach Devon Culm Valley Trident
UKBUS0018 STAGECOACH DEVON Culm Valley Trident.
18119 (WA04FOM) on route 1 to Halberton Tiverton with Culm Valley Connect branding.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued September 2007
Stagecoach Devon Park & Ride Trident
UKBUS1024 STAGECOACH DEVON Park & Ride Trident.
17002 (S802BWC) on route PR2 to Red Park & Ride City Centre Paris Street in Exeter Park & Ride livery.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued May 2006
Stagecoach Devon Brunel 200 Trident
UKBUS1026 STAGECOACH DEVON Brunel 200 Trident.
18368 (WJ55NMA) with special destination display: Stagecoach 200 Years of Brunel.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued December 2006
Stagecoach Devon Battle of Trafalgar Trident
UKBUS1033 STAGECOACH DEVON Battle of Trafalgar Trident.
18304 (WA05MHJ) on route 30 to Castle Cross St Marychurch in a special Battle of Trafalgar livery.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Issued May 2006
Stagecoach Devon General Trident
UKBUS1041 Stagecoach DEVON GENERAL Trident.
17053 (T653KPU) on route 12 to Paignton Torquay Newton Abbot in historic Devon General livery.
Picture courtesy CMNL
Issued December 2008
Stagecoach Devon go2 Enviro400
19322 (WA08NOH) on route 2 to Newton Abbot Dawlish Teignmouth.
Picture courtesy CMNL
Issued June 2010
UKBUS6030 Alexander Dennis Enviro400 Stagecoach in Devon
UKBUS6030 Alexander Dennis Enviro400 STAGECOACH DEVON.
19570 (WA59FWS) on Red Park & Ride City Centre.
Picture courtesy CMNL
Issued March 2011
101010 Devon General RT
October 1989 mock model of a Devon General RT. Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Devon General Atlantean
16503 DEVON GENERAL Leyland Atlantean.
On route 12 to Brixham, this Leyland Atlantean made its appearance in the Devon General fleet in 1959. With a seating capacity of 78, these were the largest and most modern vehicles in the fleet for some time. Fleet number 882 displays adverts for the famous Model Village at Babbacombe on its front and sides. Released April 1994.
Devon General Leyland PD2 lowbridge
16004 DEVON GENERAL Leyland PD2 Lowbridge.
Fleet number DL604 is en route to Tiverton and represents a slightly older class of vehicle from the Devon General fleet. With its "Lowbridge" bodywork, this vehicle was suitable for many of the more restricted yet still busy routes operated by the company. It carries an advert for Golden Stream Tea on its sides. Released December 1994.
Devon General AEC Regent V Orion
19702 DEVON GENERAL AEC Regent V (Orion Body).
Representing the AEC marque of which Devon General were a major user, this Regent V is on route 13 to Dawlish and carries adverts for the Kents Cavern caves on its sides. January 1995 release.
Devon General Bristol VR
Bought with a removable roof for summer duties by the company, this VR is one of several which carry names of famous ships to aid their identity. VDV 140S, "Invincible", is on route 127 to Hesketh Crescent in a short lived, more traditional livery which it wore in 1986. May 1996 release.
Devon General BET
24303 DEVON GENERAL BET Style Bus.
Tourist based advertising reaches its peak on this BET style bus of which Devon General had several examples. 950 HTT, fleet number 950, is built on an AEC chassis and is on route 16 to Newton Abbot Bus Station. The colourful advertising on its sides and rear include: Kents Cavern, Babbacombe Model Village, Torbay Aircraft Museum and Totnes Motor Museum. December 1997 release.
Devon General OB
20121 Bedford OB DEVON GENERAL.
A long awaited arrival to the Devon General fleet this OB, JUO 604, fleet number SB 604, is en route to Exmouth. Devon General models are a popular subject which always attract great attention, this pretty little model will surely be no exception with its detailed livery application. May 1998 release.
Devon General PDR Manchester
24702 Manchester MCW Atlantean DEVON GENERAL.
The second release of our new style Atlantean is in the popular livery of Devon General. NDV537G, fleet number 537, is on route 55 to St. Marychurch and displays adverts for Pollard's Ice Cream and local tourist attraction Aqualand. July 1998 release.
16116 Leyland PD2 Highbridge CITY OF EXETER
16116 Leyland PD2 Highbridge CITY OF EXETER.
The much requested livery of Exeter is the subject of this months release of the Leyland PD2. HFJ145, fleet number 18, is on route A to Whipton. With detailed crest and carrying adverts for local businesses, this attractive PD is sure to please many collectors. The Exeter fleet was absorbed into Devon General.
The distinctive colours of Devon General seem to suit this model well. With the popularity of this fleet our Guy Arab will be in great demand and will complement our previous models from this fleet. The model features Fleet number DG323 registered GTT 423 on route 2 to Teignmouth and carries adverts for Watneys Brown Ale and Trumans Beer. Released November 1999.
20006 Leyland PD2/12 Orion CITY OF EXETER
20006 Leyland PD2/12 Orion CITY OF EXETER.
Our second vehicle from the colourful and interesting City of Exeter fleet is an MCW Orion bodied Leyland PD. The Exeter fleet used letters to identify their routes, and fleet number 492 registered VFJ 999 is featured on route K to Pennsylvania carrying advertisements for Brufords the Jewellers and Pollards Ice Cream.
20627 Plaxton Pointer Dart STAGECOACH DEVON GENERAL
20627 Plaxton Pointer Dart STAGECOACH DEVON.
An interesting vehicle to joint our Devon General fleet is this ex-Hong Kong Citybus Dart, which comes complete with roof mounted Air Conditioning system. Fleet number 742 is on route 85A to Newton Abbot. Released February 2001.
16224 Bristol MW Coach DEVON GENERAL NBC
16224 Bristol MW Coach DEVON GENERAL NBC
Ever popular, Devon General models are always in demand and our Bristol MW will be very collectable. In NBC livery fleet number 2902 registered XUO721 works route 46 to Exeter. Released July 2010.
18612 Bristol VRTSL3 Open Top DEVON GENERAL NBC
18612 Bristol VRTSL3 Open Top DEVON GENERAL NBC
The red wheel hub centres show part of the attention to detail taken on this accurately restored NBC period, Devon General, convertible open topper. This Bristol VRTSL3. named ‘Victory’, registered VDV 137S, fleet number 937 operates route 12 to Paignton will make a wonderful addition to any collection. January 2001 release.
After many recent requests for vehicles in Devon General livery our Bristol VRTSL3 fleet number 1215 looks splendid in the company’s livery. Registration number LFJ 862W operates route 377 to Crediton near Exeter. Released October 2008.
24810 Mercedes DEVON GENERAL.
24810 Mercedes DEVON GENERAL.
Fleet number 56 registration F716 FDV on route 57 to Lympstone Exmouth & Budleigh Salterden. Released November 2000.
35205 DEVON GENERAL AEC Reliance.
35205 DEVON GENERAL AEC Reliance.
Those of you that saw our pre production BET model will notice that this 36’ BET Marshall bodied Leyland Leopard is very different from its pre production version. Devon General’s fleet number 9, registered 9 RDV operates route 9 to Sidmouth and a restored example of the real vehicle can be seen at Bus Rallies. Released January 2011.
Our AEC Regent V model of CTT513C, now preserved it was the last AEC Regent in service with Devon General. Fleet number 513 is depicted operating route 9 to Sidmouth. Note this is based on EFE's AEC Renown casting - Devon General never operated any AEC Renowns! Released June 2009.
Grey Cars AEC Reliance Harrington.
12302 Grey Cars AEC Reliance Harrington Grenadier.
Devon General's coach fleet operated under the Grey Cars fleetname. This coach has its destination set for Dartmoor. Released February 1992. Picture courtesy of EFEzone
Grey Cars Bedford OB Duple.
20104 Grey Cars Bedford OB Duple.
TCB604 (JUO604) with blinds set for Buckfast Abbey. Released November 1995. Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
18607 Bristol VRTSL3 Open Top STAGECOACH DEVON.
A popular sight in Devon are the open top VR's which have retained their identities while being repainted into Stagecoach livery. Operating the Seafront service 120 to Paignton Zoo number 935, registered VDV135S proudly displays its name of Ark Royal. Released November 2001.
Devon General Bristol VRTSL6G ECW
38107 Bristol VRTSL6G DEVON GENERAL Released February 2013.
EFE 17228 Leyland National Devon General
17228 Leyland National DEVON GENERAL
wavy line livery. Released July 2012.
Devon General Leyland Olympian
29627 Leyland Olympian DEVON GENERAL
deregulation livery. Released November 2011.