Grey Green   Model Fleet Focus
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Corgi Original Omnibus Company
Grey Green Bedford OB Duple
42604 GREY-GREEN Bedford OB Duple.
HUU428 on route 76 to Tottenham.
Released April 1998.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
11903 Harrington Cavalier
11903 GREY-GREEN Harrington Cavalier.
Carrying the name of the company's founder on its rear luggage doors, a trademark of this fleet, this Harrington Cavalier is typical of the vehicles used by the company in the 'sixties. The famous grey, green and cream livery of the fleet is emphasised by the lines of this stylish coach which is on service 4 to Clacton.
February 1992 release.
15707/15707DL Plaxton Panorama Elite
15707/15707DL GREY-GREEN Plaxton Panorama Elite.
In the darker shade of green adopted by the company in the late 'sixties to early 'seventies, these large vehicles were used for tour duties both at home and abroad. This version, built on a Leyland chassis, displays the Grey Green fleet name on its front blind. This vehicle is also available as a De-luxe model.
December 1993/October 1994 releases.
18703 Bedford SB Vega
18703 GREY-GREEN Bedford SB Vega.
There was always a Bedford presence in the George Ewer fleet and this coach shows the type of vehicle favoured in the late' fifties to early 'sixties. With the attractive sweeping styling and "butterfly" radiator grill, this Vega is depicted on a journey from London, to Ramsgate and Margate.
April 1995 release.
 20111 Bedford OB
20111 GREY-GREEN Bedford OB.
The classic and evocative shape of the Bedford OB with Duple body, is an ideal addition to the Grey Green fleet and is superbly captured in this Exclusive First Editions model. HYP560 is depicted en route to Clacton, a common destination for this North London company, who have offered varied services since 1885.
April 1996 release.
23601 Bedford TK Luton
23601 GREY-GREEN Bedford TK Luton.
A reminder that many bus companies ran commercial fleets too. This Bedford TK with attractive Luton body, boldly displays the Grey Green name on its sides. One of many in a large fleet, NCF780G was used for carrying excess luggage when the coach's hold was full on the Prinz Ferry contract. Later in its life, this example was also used as a mobile canteen and so had a varied career.
March 1997 release.
Grey Green Dart
20617 Pointer/Dart GREY-GREEN.
Grey Green now operate as part of the Cowie group, although this Pointer has not been graced with any corporate names. In the modern interpretation of the green and grey so well recognised by enthusiasts, M950LYR, fleet number 950 is on route 173 to East Beckton. Interesting points to note are that it carries the London Transport Bus Pass scheme stickers on its front and nearside.
January 1998 release.
14405 Leyland National MkI Short GREY GREEN.
14405 Leyland National 10.3m GREY-GREEN.
This Leyland National MkI short continues to build our Grey Green vehicle fleet. Registration number NPK229R, fleet number 806 works route 151 to Chatham and Halling.
March 2008 release.
Grey Green Leyland National
14409 GREY-GREEN 10.3m Leyland National
April 2013 release.
29008 GM Fleetline GREY GREEN.
29008 GM Fleetline GREY-GREEN.
With the acquisition of Grey Green by the Cowie Group the company entered the bus market and the distinctive colours became a familiar sight in London. Registered GND491N fleet number 491 is working route 298 to Turnpike Lane Station.
August 2007 release.
26602 Plaxton Paramount 3500 GREY GREEN.
26602 Plaxton Paramount 3500 GREY-GREEN.
The first release of a new casting is always of great interest and we have combined this with a livery which builds our Grey Green fleet. This model features centre offside loading door, stairwell and emergency door, and on the nearside includes the window for the relief drivers sleeping compartment. Registered D882FYL our Volvo version of the Paramount carries the Cowie Group logo on the rear.
November 1999 release.
25302 AEC Duple Coach GREY GREEN
25302 AEC Duple Coach GREY-GREEN.
A splendid addition to the large Grey Green fleet is this attractive Duple coach presented in the attractive 1950's livery. Registered number HLW981, our coach is on route to Bognor and the detail on this model includes the George Ewer emblem and text on the front and rear.
March 1999 release.
Orange Luxury Coaches Harrington Grenadier
12204/12204DL ORANGE LUXURY Coaches Harrington Grenadier.
12204 is going to the races, 11204DL is registered JHV495D and is on route 4 to Clacton.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
November 1992/June 1993 releases.
Orange Luxury Coaches Bedford SB Duple
18701 ORANGE LUXURY Coaches Bedford SB Duple.
On route to Clacton / Walton Frinton.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
February 1995 release.
20135 Bedford OB Coach ORANGE LUXURY.
20135 Bedford OB Coach ORANGE LUXURY.
A trip back to the coaching heyday sees our Bedford OB in the livery of Orange Luxury. Named Skylark and registered KGT889 can be seen on Private Hire.
April 2008 release.