Leeds Transport
Leeds Transport
Model Fleet Focus
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Leeds was one of the last transport systems in the UK to use trams and their last tram ran at the end of 1959. The Horsfield design trams built from 1930 -1932 were popular and worked successfully until the end of trams in Leeds. During this period it is interesting to see how Leeds Transport modified and developed their livery. This has created a colourful, interesting and very attractive collection of models, as illustrated in this fleet focus.
Corgi Original Omnibus Company
Leeds City Transport Feltham tram
OM40502 LEEDS CITY TRANSPORT Feltham tram.
Tram 525 with a Pick Up Type Loop on route 18 to Crossgates.
Photo courtesy of Model Bus Zone
Released March 2002.
14303 Horsfield Tram
14303 LEEDS CITY TRANSPORT Horsfield Tram.
This early livery captures car number 157 on route 14 travelling to Pudsey via Bramley.
Released May 1994
14301 Horsfield Tram.
14301 LEEDS CITY TRANSPORT Horsfield Tram.
This later blue livery captures car 161 on route 12 to Middleton displaying adverts for Stylo Shoes and The Yorkshire Post.
Released September 1992
14302 Horsfield Tram.
14302 LEEDS CITY TRANSPORT Horsfield Tram.
Similar to 14301 but with adverts for Whitbread Ales.
Released February 1993
13404 Horsfield Tram.
13404 LEEDS CITY TRANSPORT Horsfield Tram.
In the World War II khaki green livery with white safety markings and antiblast shatter protection on the windows car number 223 is running on route 14 to Town End via Armley Road.
Released May 1995
13405 Horsfield Tram.
13405 LEEDS CITY TRANSPORT Horsfield Tram.
A special Road Safety livery was applied in 1945, to car number 230 seen on route 3 to Oakwood via City Square.
Released August 1997
13402 Horsfield Tram.
13402 LEEDS CITY TRANSPORT Horsfield Tram.
Later the livery changed to a dark red colour and car 194 is on route 9 to Dewsbury Road.
Released October 1991
13403 Horsfield Tram.
13403 LEEDS CITY TRANSPORT Horsfield Tram.
In a similar red livery, car number 196 is on route 3 to Roundhay. An interesting feature is the replacement of the early pole pickup with the more convenient bow pickup on the roof.
Released June 1992
13406 Horsfield Tram.
13406 LEEDS CITY TRANSPORT Horsfield Tram.
This release is in an experimental livery with no lining to the lower deck and blue-green coloured bands around the body. Car number 242 on route 4 to Kirkstall Abbey.
Released July 1999