Breda Rio
Breda Rio Marcopolo Torino
Believed to be a Volvo B10M with Marcopolo Torino GV bodywork. Volvo 95075 might also be a Mercedes OF1721, which Breda 95071 is, but it lacks an additional grill below the windscreen, making the Volvo B10M a more likely contender.
Breda Rio Marcopolo Torino
Breda Rio 95148 has the style of front grill associated with the Mercedes OF1721 though some Scania buses were also of this design.
Breda Rio Volvo Marcopolo Viale
No problem identifying the chassis manufacture of this more recent Marcopolo Viale bodied bus seen in Copacabana. It is probably a B10M underneath.
Breda Rio Marcopolo Viaggio
Breda Rio 02 is seen in Rio city. The Marcopolo coachwork is the Viaggio and the chassis is possibly a Scania as Breda Rio had several Scania models with this style of bodywork delivered in the late nineties.
Breda Rio Marcopolo
The Marcopolo minibus body is seemingly referred to as the Senior. This example is seen speeding through downtown Rio as the evening rush hour starts. The chassis is likely to be the Brazilian built Mercedes LO814, though similar bodywork was built on three axle Volkswagens for Breda Rio. All these pictures were taken in February 2003.
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