London United singledeckers
Dennis Lance SLF Wright
The 120 was one of the first routes to acquire low floor buses in London. The vehicles were Dennis Lances with Wright bodywork, with a rather clumsy layout inside, readily superceded by the superior Dart SLF.
London United Dennis Lance SLF ODZ8909
Seen at Hammersmith on the H91 is another of the Lance SLFs with Wright bodywork.
Leyland National LONDON UNITED
Seen at the home of the first LSs in LT's fleet, Hounslow, though not on the 81 service - is a later Mark 1 Leyland National, now in the colours of local operating company, London United.
London United Optare Excel XL2 P152BUG
London United had a small batch of Optare Excels evoking memories of Gerry Anderson's Fireball XL5 TV series, as their fleet numbers were prefixed XL - here is XL2 in Kingston.
London United Leyland Lynx G78UYV
The 81 became home to Lynxes - having once hosted London Buslines'. The Lynxes were withdrawn in Summer 2000 and replaced by low floor singledeckers, with odd decker workings.
London United
London United singledeckers