London United doubledeckers
London United Olympian Alexander on route 281
This Alexander bodied Olympian is seen arriving in Hounslow. In common with others of the batch it sports a variety of advertising slogans down its side, extolling the virtues of travelling the 281.
London United Leyland Olympian ECW L300
L300 (G300UYK) waits to set off from Heathrow Bus Station on the 140. It was one of the last buses delivered to LT, and used initially under the now defunct 'Riverside' unit, which was ultmately absorbed by London United Busways. It is a full height ECW bodied Olympian.
Leyland Olympian ECW G305UYW
Nearing the end of its days with London United at Kingston is L305. Even the paintshop don't seem too fussed about it - unless the new dark grey usually employed at skirt level is an experiment on the top deck?
London United DAF Northern Counties R211CKO
Seen at Kingston and part of the LUB fleet is former Arriva / London & Country DAF/Northern Counties decker DFD 11 (R211CKO) transferred along with route 85 to the central London operator.
London United DAF Northern Counties
Former L&C DFD4 (R204CKO) is seen repainted into full London United colours, still working the 85.
London United doubledeckers