Karl Kässbohrer founded the parent comapny in Ulm in Germany in 1893. They made buses, coaches, vehicle transporters, trailers and specialist vehicles like snow groomers. The coach and bus division gained the name Setra from the word Selbsttragend which means self supporting, reflecting the integral nature of the product. In 1995 the coach division was sold to Daimler Benz (Mercedes) and products are sold under the Evobus banner, or Daimler Chrysler in the US.
Setra S6
Setra SG180S
First generation Setra S6
Second generation Setra SG180S
Setra S208H
Setra S315GT-HD Epsom Coaches
Third generation Setra S208H
Fourth generation Setra S315GT-HD for Epsom Coaches
Setra Multiclass
Setra S416GT-HD Motts Travel
MultiClass: Setra current bus model
ComfortClass 400: Setra S416GT-HD for Motts Travel Crusader Holidays
Setra ComfortClass 500
Setra TopClass Stewa
Setra ComfortClass 500 for Selment of Poland
TopClass: Setra S431DT for Stewa of Germany.