Ballina Buslines

Ballina Buslines
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Ballina Buslines Volvo B7R Custom SB40
Seen in the Ballina Buslines depot at 8 Sheather Street, Ballina in August 2009 is one a trio of Custom SB40 bodied Volvo B7R models purchased in 2003, 130-132.
Ballina Buslines Mercedes Custom
Also in the depot was this Custom bodied Mercedes, a model favoured in the mid nineties.
Ballina Buslines Mercedes O405 Custom 124
Ballina Buslines Mercedes O405 Custom 124 (3005MO) was seen out on service in Lismore.
Berrima Buslines Nissan RB30R Custom 31
Berrima Buslines 31 (5033MO), a 1990 Nissan RB30R was transferred from Buslines group member Ballina and still carries the old livery as seen on 124 above. The livery looked more out of place at the Berrima depot in January 2015. The fleetname appears to have been applied on the rather temporary board on the front dash even though the transfer took place five years earlier.
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Ballina Buslines
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